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Students are back in school after fall break


Hello everyone, I apologize for going so long without the news. Plenty has sure happened in Bardstown.

About four weeks ago Derek Beavers was killed in a hunting accident. His mother Pam Downs lives down the street from us. Prayers are requested for the family as those types of incidents take their toll on everyone involved in the person’s life.

Prayers are requested for my dad Clyde Stidham Jr. of Pound, Va. He had a heart attack three weeks ago.

Prayers are also requested for the family of Windel Riley, who died that same weekend.

So hard to believe this year is almost gone. As we look back to where our lives were this time last year, I suppose we can go forward and improve or go backward and regress and things get worse. For the moment things are rather well with most of those around me.

Everyone is excited as the Bardstown city schools went back to school on Oct. 12 after fall break and fall intercession. I took the opportunity to visit my dad and my mom and to see friends and visit with people I just simply hadn’t seen in awhile.

The Bourbon Festival brought in a lot of tourists and this past weekend was the arts and crafts fair. Andrew Newton held a concert on Third Street at the old courthouse which is now the tourism center.

It was rather cold that day and I got home from Eolia in time to attend but chose not to. I sort of had the house to myself as Jeff had gone to watch the UK game at his friend David Curry’s house; I had been invited, however I declined as I know guys need their guy time.

John Rayburn will be celebrating his eighth birthday on Oct. 21. We haven’t made birthday party plans yet.

The Bardstown Ghost Trek is in full swing every Saturday night. Everyone meets at the Old Stable restaurant and Patti Starr leads the group through the haunted areas of Bardstown, which is pretty much all of them. The trek ends in the banquet room at The Old Talbot Tavern. The trek is $15 per person and is, by my own personal experience, very enlightening and rather convincing. I was beginning to doubt things just a little bit up until about the last 10 minutes of the event.

On October 2, the Avery/ Auberry reunion was held at Lincoln Homestead Park in Springfield. I attended as a guest of Jeff and his mother June, who told me if I didn’t come she would inflict a minor injury upon both Jeff and myself. I got to see a few aunts, uncles and cousins that I already knew. “Uncle” Bud drove by truck with his son all the way from California. As he was going back this past weekend, he was in a traffic accident that totaled his truck just a couple hundred miles before he got to Colorado. He is attempting to move his family back to Kentucky.

After so much rain, it seems the weather is just being cold. We’ve actually had to use the heat the past three mornings and for anyone besides me to turn it on is an unusual occurrence.

Prayer requests this week are: Judy Branham, June Clark, Carmen J. “C.J.” Lester, Clyde Stidham, Sherry Roberts, Jim Hardesty, Kathy and Jr. Beavers, Ethel Beavers, Jeff Lester Sr., Phillip Clarkson, David Curry and Tara Bickett, and Cheryl Rhoader.

I suppose that is all the news for this week. Next time I’ll get back to you guys sooner.

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