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Students are hoping for some snow days


It’s a cold, wet, snowy Monday morning as I write this news for you today. It has been quite an interesting week full of, simply put, being busy.

Thanksgiving was rather warm and the girls decided to join their friends to play outdoors after we had our early Thanksgiving dinner.

Saturday morning several residents found their vehicles had been broken into. Two of the neighborhoods were Ashberry, where Jeffrey Lester Jr., and his grandmother, June Clark, both had their cars broken into, and another of their neighbors had a hunting rifle stolen from his truck. The Maple Hill subdivision where I used to reside, had a few cars broken into in broad daylight. At the moment the police have no leads.

Winfred Collins suffered a heart attack while driving through Amarillo, Tex., on his way to Las Vegas for the University of Kentucky game in Nevada. He was transferred back to the University of Louisville Hos- pital for treatment.

Bardstown City schools will have their last day of school on Dec. 19, then will begin Christmas break and winter intercession.

The kids are excited for their upcoming break and many of them are hoping for ‘snow days.’

David Curry traveled to Tennessee recently to attend the Volunteers’ football game. He was disappointed with the outcome.

It was sad news to hear of Billy Don Lucas dying. I have many good memories of our visits with him and Linda. He will be missed.

Marty Simpson flew to Tucson, Ariz., to attend his daughter’s wedding on Dec. 3.

Prayer requests this week include Judy Branham, Raven Hall, Winfred Collins, Jeff Lester Sr., June Clark, Brandon Benelli, Rudy Brothers, the Lucas family and Barry Adams.

The temperatures are supposed to keep dropping and a real blanket of snow seems imminent this week as the bitter chill creeps in.

Amanda St. Clair’s baby was due on Dec. 1. I saw her briefly before her due date and she said she hadn’t had any symptoms of labor. Her mother, Jan, tells me the baby is a boy.

Happy December birthdays are going out to Adam Crouch on Dec. 15, Shirl Lewis on Dec. 27, Jeff Lester on Dec. 28, Melissa Day on Dec. 30, and Fairley Lewis on Dec. 31.

That appears to be all the news for this week. Merry Christmas, y’all.

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