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Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Students go on field trips


It was a low and chilly 41 degrees on Monday morning, unlike our usual temperatures of 55 and 60 degrees.

The Bardstown schools are having several field trips as the end of the school year is approaching. Bardstown Primary School houses five kindergarten classes and all of them are going on a field trip to the Louisville Zoo on May 22.

Happy birthdays for May go out to Abbey Chapman on May 1, my brother Chad Stidham on May 8, and my uncles Hassell Hampton on May 16 and Teddy Sturgill, on May 18.

Last week was full of rain showers and thunderstorms. I hope that this week will be better.

John was scheduled for oral surgery in Elizabethtown on Tuesday morning. Due to his autism, he has to be sedated so that dental work can be done. A lot of dentists turned us away due to his being afraid and uncooperative.

A lot activities have been underway here in Bardstown for not just tourists, but those who live here as well. There was recently a vote on whether or not it would be allowed to have liquor sales on Sundays, and that was passed. Everybody here used to drive to Louisville for it anyway. I guess it just keeps the money inside city limits.

In addition to being excited about the upcoming dances and ceremonies at the schools, my kids are thrilled to be in the process of packing to move out of our apartment and into a house with a fenced backyard, which means they’ll have more freedom and less drama from neighboring children when they step out the door to play.

Bernard won’t be within walking distance of the school, but his girlfriend will be a few houses away and a lot of their friends from school are in that subdivision.

Carmen June “C. J.” Lester was featured in photographs in stories written about Bardstown girls’ softball in the Kentucky Standard Newspaper here in Bardstown. C.J. has played sports since she began with t-ball in kindergarten and her dad, Jeff Lester, coached until they were in eighth grade. His company, Kentucky Machine and Pump, also sponsored the teams. C. J. now plays all positions and the entire team has changed positions due to injuries of almost all players. C. J. played ‘cleanup batter’ in a game against Bethlehem High School last week.

C. J. graduates this year from Bardstown High School, and is planning to attend community and technical college in Elizabethtown. Her grandma, June Clark, and her dad are very proud of her.

The last day of school will be June 9. Some of the kids will be going on family vacations, a few will be going to day camps, and others will just be enjoying backyard barbecues and activities in their own backyards.

I’d like to send out happy anniversary wishes for the month of June to Mike and Julie on June 26, Tate and Inez Hampton June 15, Kim and Corbin Hampton June 15, and Judy and Rick Branham.

Happy birthdays for June are Brianna Carder and June Clark on June 9.

Prayer list for this week includes: Jim Hardesty, Joseph Gaffney, Kathy and Junior Beavers, Ethel Beavers, June Clark, Sherry Roberts, Carolyn Fulkerson, John Rayburn, Faith “Cissy” Hall, Raven Hall, Jeff Lester, and Bro. Ike Ferguson and his wife Peggy.

I suppose that is all the news for this week. Check out information on Bardstown online www.bardstowntourism.com.

Blessings to all!

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