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Students made Kentucky Derby hats, horses

It has been a very busy time. The Kentucky Derby had all the school kids involved in several Derby-related activities. Both girls made and brought home Derby hats.

The Bardstown Primary School’s K-2 classes made horses at home from broomsticks, dowel rods or whatever they could find, and decorated them to be rather pretty racing horses. Then the individual classrooms competed to see which three students would compete and have one winning class group. The BPS houses K-2. Third graders go to elementary school on another campus.

My mom, Judy Hampton of Eolia, had to be in Lexington to set up a time for her surgery. She and her friend, Rick, visited us so they didn’t have such a long drive twice in one day.

The kids enjoyed a trip to McDonald’s and Mom got to see one our northern Kentucky thunderstorms.

I was told recently by a very reliable source that Dale Jr. and Tony Stewart are looking into purchasing our Bluegrass Speedway. They were actually in Bardstown last week. That, of course, was kept quiet so I’ve had to hold that information for a bit.

Indy 500 practice sessions also began last week. Kevin and his friend, Ben, attended one of them.

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