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Students plan trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Big Cowan

The eighth-grade class of Cowan Elementary School had a carwash at Long John Silver’s and a garbage pickup from C.E.S. to the top of Whitco Hill to raise money for their eighth-grade trip.

One of the parents, Lisa Pack Fields, said it was a big success. They raised close to $1,800. The students will leave April 30 for Pigeon Forge, Tenn. They will be going to a water and theme park, and also will visit a museum. We hope they all have lots of fun.

Birthdays this month: Linda Day Fields, May 5; Thomas Wolfe, May 10, will be 32 years old; Charles Large, May 13, who lives in Virginia; Patricia Large, May 20, who also lives in Virginia; Emma Day Adams, May 25; Rev. Glen Seaman, May 10, of Greensburg, Ind.; Jasmine Ambrose, May 21, of London; Erica Demery, May 23, California; Diana Boggs Gilley and Marion Gail Gilley’s granddaughter will be nine months old in May. A happy birthday to all of you and may you have many more.

I saw Kathleen Howard Miles at Pine Mountain Grill. She was married to the late Wayne Miles of Cowan. I was really glad to see her. I am not sure what her married name is.

I also saw her son, Barry Miles, and some others with them, and I also saw Diana and Marion Gail Gilley there. Good to see everyone.

My granddaughter, Ashley, seems to like it here. She likes the school better and says people are friendly. We are glad to have her, but it’s hard to get up early in the morning for my husband and me. We have been used to sleeping later. It’s also diff erent having a teenager in the house after all these years.

Irene and Eugene Day put a small garden out, but I bet before it’s over it will be a big garden, knowing them. It keeps Eugene, Francis and Emma busy, and Paige will probably be helping them.

Eugene had a birthday April 29. He was 84 years old. I wish I had as much energy as he does. He is always busy working outside and their yard is beautiful. I wanted to wish him a very happy birthday. Paige bought him strawberry plants for his birthday.

I wish the rain would stop for a little while. It seems like it rains all the time, but it’s better than all the snow.

My granddaughter, Ashley, came up with a good saying. She said, “If we gave as many excuses to our boss as we do to God for not going to church, we would all be jobless.”

This is so true. We give things of this world most of our time and money, and it’s hard to give God two or three times a week of worship and praise, and giving of our tithes and off erings. We should live for Him 24/7, and He only requires services on Sunday and Wednesdays, two times on Sunday, and only 10 percent of our earnings at most churches.

So we need to give God all of ourselves and not grumble and complain, and we would be much better Christians and be on fire for Him.

Sorry to hear that Woodrow Pendleton of Columbus, Ind., died. I guess he had really been pretty sick. Our sympathy goes out to his family.

I saw his sister, Ethel, the other day, and gave her my condolences. I was unable to go any of the services.

We had a benefit singing at church. The singers we expected canceled at the last minute, but we still had some good singing and preaching anyway with people from the area. As long as God was there, that’s all that matters.

I feel sorry for the person who wrote in Speak
Your Piece
and said that God was like Santa Claus to grownups. He said that God was not real and never was. I don’t like to argue on religion, but someone is being deceived. My God is alive and forevermore. I’m sorry to hear about theirs. Who do they think created him or her? They did not create themselves and I sure didn’t come from an ape.

I was glad to see Chester Hogg and his wife at church, and also Mike and Bernetta Lucas, and Glen and Evadean Webb on Sunday morning, the Boggs family and Pat and Charles Large, all from Virginia. Both services were great, and my granddaughter, Ashley, renewed her walk with God. I was happy for her.

Wayne and Timmy Turner’s son-in-law came back to Texas from Iraq. He will be home for about 10 ½ months. His wife, Melissa and daughters Alysa and Leah Nicely are really happy.

Also, a happy birthday to Mary Hall Sexton of Knott County, May 12, from her daughter Melinda Daniel.

I have to go until next time. Pray for one another.

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