Whitesburg KY

Students shed ‘steppers’ after first day of school


The time really marches on very fast. It seems the time to write a column comes around so quickly.

I hope everyone is trying to stay cool. It is so hot and dry. It is dangerous to be out much at a time.

B.F. Caudill is not doing at all well. They have moved him to the intensive care unit. His sugar level had really shot up. I hope and pray he can get better.

Our nephew, Floyd Ison, and wife Fay have been in visiting. They did not come by but he called and we had a good visit by phone. He said they had been busy taking care of their garden produce. They live in Indiana. Whenever they come in, they usually stay with Lucy (his sister) and Bill. Most of Fay’s people live over around Hindman.

This summer has really flown by. It seems no seasons are the way they used to be.

I guess the schools are all getting underway by now. I was always so anxious for ours to start. We could all be together for a little while. The school ground was always overgrown with dog fennel weeds. It was so much fun to run and jerk the blossoms off the plants between our toes. We rarely ever wore our steppers after the first day so our toes did the work.

There were several pawpaw trees up the hollow and they were so good to eat as walked home from school. We had a good life on Cotton Patch.

Mommy would always let me stay a night at the home of the late Grant Ison. Lovel was a real good friend. Then they would let Lovel come spend a night with me.

So many precious memories.

We had some real good company recently. Elder Bobby Dean Whitaker and wife Anna and Elder Randy Combs came by. We sang some good songs of Zion and Brother Randy led us in prayer. It was a good place to be. I am not able to attend church much anymore, and that helps us out so much. We appreciate their visits.

Orlena Banks is not too well. She is 98 years old. We love Orlena; she is a good friend.

At our regular meeting time at Dry Fork, they said they had two good days. I was unable to go.

The Old Indian Bottom Association started August 31. I pray all went well. If they all went praying for the Lord to guide and help them, it all went well.

Ima Ingram called the other day. I was so glad she did. We love Ima.

I also talked to Vera Mitchel. She is a good friend. We have a lot of good friends.

I talked to Doris Westerfield. She said she was not feeling too well.

Pauline Hampton called. It was good to hear from her. She is allergic to so many things.

The gardens have about done their do. They have done better than we thought they would. It has been so hot and dry.

Lucy has been busy this summer. She has canned a lot. It will be good eating when the snow flies.

It is about time to make molasses. When I was growing up almost every family raised a patch of cane. It sure is hot, hard work but made real good gingerbread.

Since I started to write this column, we are having a good refreshing shower, something so badly needed. Lots of thunder. I always dread thunderstorms.

I want to thank Mrs. Ford Madden. She is so good to call and tell me about the meetings.

Coman Brashears is in the hospital. He is having a lot of trouble with his toe. I pray they can do something for it.

It seems there is sickness all around us. I hope all will pray that they can get better. The Lord is a great healer.

May God bless us all one time more and protect us from harm.

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