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Students should guard against identity theft

Our son, Chad Fields, turned 35 on April 5. He is our youngest, and he has three girls and his wife, Amber. I hope he enjoyed his day.P

am Fields turns 41 on April 9, and her brother, Archie Wayne Fields, turns 45 on April 17. They are the oldest children of Archie and Margaret Pack Fields of Cowan, and Lucille Collins Fields of Greensburg, Ind. Lucille also has a birthday in April.

Also, Eugene Day has a birthday on April 28. He will be either 84 or 85. I wish him a good and healthy birthday.

Anniversaries for the month of April are: Kathy and Eddie Wolfe, 32 years; Ann and Johnny Collier, 43 or 44 years; Dorothy and Glenn Miles, I’m not sure how many years; and Paul Miles and his wife, all on April 22.

‘Wedding anniversaries come but once a year, and we hope this one will bring you cheer. With the Lord and Savior to be your guide, in the clouds of glory you will be His bride.”

Congratulations to all, and save me a piece of cake. Ha! Ha!

I hope everyone had a good Easter. I love the colored eggs. Sometimes I buy the color and fix eggs to eat. I love them when the dye oozes into the egg. I know you all are probably calling me an egg head about now! It’s still good.

Oma Hatton, it looks like we are never going to serve on jury duty, doesn’t it? Every time I call the automated phone line it tells me to call back again the following Friday. It could be a long process, couldn’t it?

Hello to all the folks on Kingscreek and Linefork. I heard Ray Dean Craig has been over there visiting from Indiana. My husband and I would like to see him. He used to come to the Big Creek Church (Old Regular Baptist) once in awhile, and we used to go his sister, Theresa, and Leon Homann’s home near Milan, Ind.

That’s where we met Wayne and Tammy Turner. They came there to sing. I would like to see all of them again. They are related to the Halcomb, Roark and Jones families. Tell everyone hello in Indiana. We still have lots of friends up there and we miss them.

A belated happy birthday on April 1 to Joann Fields. Her husband, Leroy, is a preacher.

Also, happy birthday to Arlene Taylor, April 15, and her son, Chris Taylor, April 19.

Happy anniversary wishes to Judy and Astor Fields Jr. They have been married for 38 or 39 years, I forget how many. Oh well, happy anniversary to both of you. I love you guys.

Keep everyone in your prayers this week. Attend the church of your choice.

Until next week, may God bless each and every one.

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