Whitesburg KY

Students visit fire station



Mayking Head Start students recently visited the Whitesburg Fire Department where they learned the importance of fire drills at home and school, the need for smoke detectors at home, and to plan and practice fire drills at home and school. They were also instructed to know two ways out of a building in case of a fire, and to go to a meeting place once outside and to never go back inside the building.

The students demonstrated the “stop, drop and roll’ method used if their clothes should catch fire, and crawled on their hands and knees to show how to get under the smoke of a fire.

The children toured the fire station, tried on the clothing firefighters wear at a fire scene, and rode on a fire truck.

“The students enjoyed their visit to the fire station and learning about fire safety,” said Whitesburg Fire Capt. Mark A. Sexton. “This is a day that will stay with these kids the rest of their lives. I hope something that we said or did taught these children the dangers of fire and the importance of safety.”

Before they left the station, the children were given a coloring book and colors, a junior firefighter sticker badge, and a helmet.

“One of our goals here at the Whitesburg Fire Department is teaching our younger generations and adults about fire safety and fire prevention,” said Sexton. “Special thanks to Fire Chief Gary Mullins and Firefighter Perry Fowler for their assistance with the fire safety program.”

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