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Students write about school

Students at McRoberts Elementary School recently wrote essays about their school. Here is what they have to say:

If you are looking for a cool school to go to try McRoberts Elementary School. We have more and more things happening by day. We have career day, good behavior trips, and even school dances with a live DJ coming.

First of all the career day. We had it on April 17. We had a helicopter land in our front yard. We had doctors, lawyers, and everyone come, just for career day. How cool?

Second of all, the good behavior trips. We went to Hazard and saw “Race to Witch Mountain.” It was really cool. But if you think that’s cool, on the same night we went to McDonald’s and ate on the second story and got free ice cream. That was exciting too!

Last but not least, the school dances. There is a DJ who came to them and played lots of songs. He even brought a fog machine! It was really awesome.

So, I think you should take a chance and come to McRoberts Elementary School. It is a really awesome school. Thanks so much. By the way, all of those things are sponsored by our very own Mrs. Kristie Collett. Consider coming, take a chance it wont be a risky one! Thanks so, so much.

Sincerely, Brandi Pease.

If you’re looking for a cool school to go to then come to McRoberts Elementary School. This is the best school ever. We always have fun here.

McRoberts Elementary is the best because we have a lot of dances and we have a lot of fun because a DJ comes and he brings a fog machine, lights, and if you dance the whole time we can get a gift.

This school is also amazing because of the sports. We have a lot of fun playing football because we’re playing teams we’ve never played before. We’re having lots of fun playing basketball and baseball because we’re not being competitive, we’re just having fun.

We also have school activities like Study Island, Gifted and Talented, AR, ESS, and we’re also having Career Day. I personally like Study Island, and you might too. Gifted and Talented is for kids who always have good grades. AR is a reading program and if you earn enough points you get to go on a trip. ESS is a program to help you learn. And Career Day is when cops, and firemen come to our school.

We also have good behavior trips. If you are good you get to go to different places, like last week we went to the movies and then went out to eat. So if you come here you better be good.

So if you come to McRoberts Elementary School the best school ever, remember always be good, and come because we have amazing sports, dances, school activities, and good behavior trips.

By Kaylee Middaugh

I think you should come to my school, McRoberts Elementary, because we have a new principal. Now we get to have fun trips. You should come to my school because we have new sports. We have football, baseball and basketball. If you want to be on a winning team come to McRoberts because our teams never lose.

You should also come because now we get to have a lot of fun dances. We have a rocking DJ. He also brings a cool fog machine, bright lights, and cool music. Now we also have cool school activities like enrichment, science fairs, trips like going to Kentucky Kingdom, ESS, GT, and AR.

So I think you should come to McRoberts because we have cool dances, cool sports, and cool school activities.

Sincerely, Alexis Stambaugh

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