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Sturgill is hired to head county schools for now

A former high school principal, school board member and central office administrator will serve as the interim superintendent of Letcher County Schools until a permanent superintendent can be hired in mid- November.

The Letcher County Board of Education on Monday night hired Terry Sturgill to serve as the interim superintendent beginning October 1. Tony Sergent is retiring. Friday will be his last day at work.

The board has already enlisted the Kentucky School Boards Association to assist in the search for a new superintendent, and that process is coming to a close. Letcher County School Board Chairman Will Smith said applications are due October 7, and the board has already appointed a screening committee to choose candidates for interviews. The committee will begin meeting October 9 to review the applications.

“We will have a superintendent on or before November 15,” Smith said. We can do that.”

The screening committee is made up of two teachers, Paul Boggs and Brandon Garrett, board member Robert Kiser, Letcher Middle School Principal Rick Warf, central office clerk Renee Sexton, and parent Ellena Wright.

Smith said Sergent’s term has been “very transparent,” and has kept the district running well despite huge losses in tax revenue caused by the decline of the coal industry and drastic changes in state property assessments. Smith said Sergent leaves the district in good financial condition.

“It’s just been an amazing job he’s done,” Smith said.

Smith said the district will pay Sturgill, who is retired, the same that he was paid when he filled as principal of Martha Jane Potter Elementary, or about $309 a day until a permanent superintendent is hired.

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