Whitesburg KY

Sturgills enjoy Florida sun

Santa Claus is coming to town! I am so excited. I hope everyone remembers the reason for the season. Jesus has been so good to me and my family. May you all be with your loved ones this holiday and give thanks to the One who made it all possible.

Our deepest sympathy to the families of Anthony Niece and Jonathan Sexton. I grew up with and know so many of their family and my heart goes out to each family. Colson

Maxine Quillen has been a very busy lady this week. She has been helping Santa and that’s a good job. She and her grandson Jessie had breakfast with Santa. She also helped Marlow Tackett give out gifts on Sunday. What a blessing to receive a gift when you are in need. Thank you, Marlow, and all your helpers for the sharing.

Linda Sturgill, Tony and Jade have had a few days of sun and fun in Florida. Jade was so excited to fly, he wasn’t scared and loves the beach. She wanted me to wish her mom a happy birthday and merry Christmas in heaven. She misses her mom. Monica was born on Christmas Eve.

This week we had our Christmas get- together for the Historical Society. Attending were Major and Ella Sparks, Jean Cook, Zandra Perry, Sherry Howard, Terrina and David Bledsoe, Donna Cornett, Roger, Sue and Jamie Trent, Merlene Day, Ann Reynolds, Darlene and Sarah Collins, Don and Beth Quillen and myself.

We missed the ones who couldn’t be with us and hope to see you soon. This has been a super year for us. We have marked a lot of graves.

The Red Hats had their Christmas meeting at the home of Carl and Marsha Banks. It was a good time for all. When the Red Hat ladies get together we have so much fun. Freda McFall, you were so missed and our prayers are with you, friend.

Clester and I finally went Christmas shopping on Saturday and I can honestly say we looked but didn’t buy very much. Our four-year-old great-granddaughter wants a slingshot, rake and a shovel. Can you believe that is what a little girl would ask for? She is getting a dump truck and a doll instead.

Congratulations to Jason and Chrystal Wight Smith on the birth of their son, Mason Tyler. His two brothers, Kyle and Seth, are our great-grandsons. Mason was born on Dec. 8, and Kyle was born on the 13th. I talked to Chrystal’s aunt, Darlene this weekend and she was so excited about the baby.

Seth said he held Mason and fed him once and he loves his little brother. Tom and Norma Wright are the great-grandparents.

My husband will be having a birthday this week on Dec. 21, and my sister Melissa will be a year older on the next day. Hey, maybe I will cook one day this week, but again maybe not since I will be cooking on Christmas.

Effort and Von Tackett had a Christmas dinner party for their family and friends on Saturday evening. They had over 50 and what a dinner we had. I think Danny Webb likes dumplings as I do. I never saw so many desserts at one time. What good cooks they all are. Thank you, Von and Effort, for inviting me, and for the love our family has for one another.

Wedding anniversary wishes to Randy and Jennifer Stansberry Isaacs, and to Tony and Katina Baker Benton. I hope you have many more years together and we love you all. Happy 50th anniversary to Kendall and Carol Ison.

I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and hope Santa is good to each of you. You know if you are on the naughty list, as my niece Kaylee says, “He knows.”

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