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Summer dreams

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Surely our world will be back to normal this summer … right? Surely we’ll be able to get out of the house without fearing every person who comes near us. We’ll be able to leisurely wander through the grocery store, which will be stocked as it used to be. We’ll stop to talk to friends on the street and sit in coffee shops and chat. We’ll attend church, go to our meetings, stroll through the neighborhood admiring the flowers and take part in our exercise classes.

Surely we’ll be able to do those things again, right?

Yes. We will. But first we have to get there. To get back to where we used to be, we have to stay healthy now.

We need exercise to stay healthy. Even if you can’t go to a class, you can find plenty of them for seniors on YouTube. Look through the offerings and bookmark a few. Rotate through them on a daily basis so you don’t get bored. Go to youtube.com and put “exercises for seniors” in the search box. Some of them are even broken down by age.

We need to stay mentally healthy as well, despite the television news. Check the Good News Network online [www.goodnewsnetwork.org] for positive, uplifting stories. You also can put “good news” in your browser search box.

It’s been difficult to get grocery store deliveries in a lot of areas because they have little stock. However, if you get delivery of your prescriptions (many pharmacies are providing this service now), call to ask whether they can add a few things to your order. Many drugstores carry soups, crackers, milk, canned fruits and vegetables, bottled water and snacks — some even carry a limited supply of fresh fruit.

We can get through this, especially if we turn off the television news.

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