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Summer has arrived in Ohio

Hello everyone!

Summer sure has arrived in the Ohio Valley area as we had a couple of days in the 90’s.

You will not hear me complain, although I don’t have my window air in the window yet since I haven’t felt like fooling with it.

I remember when we went to visit Jr. Calihan on Paces Branch. Jr. had a fan sitting on his porch running while he was enjoying the cool air hitting him while he was sitting in a chair.

I had never seen this before, but I guess it worked and that was all that mattered.

Mom would just raise the windows as we never had fans or air conditioning. I don’t remember ever having screens for the windows, nor a screen door.

I know one thing, there were never dogs or cats allowed in the house. Mom finally got a cat in her later years and that was a total surprise to me.

One evening last week, Vicki Power stopped by for a bit, and while we were sitting on the porch swing a frog started hollering. It was so loud, it sounded like it was on the porch with us.

Southern Ohio

Vicki started laughing and said “What is that”? I told her a frog, and we got talking how in the mountains the night sounds would come alive at night.

After Vicki left, I called Betty Kelly in Franklin, and so help me there was the noise of two frogs. The sound was so loud that Betty could hear them on the telephone.

As darkness started closing in during our conversation, lightning bugs started showing their beauty by lighting up the night. I told Betty what I was seeing, and that started us sharing of the simple pleasures of growing up in the mountains we both call home. Betty said they would catch lightning bugs, and then put them in a jar so they could watch them in the dark.

Then we got to laughing about how many times we would catch a June bug, tie a piece of thread around its leg and let it fly until its leg would break off and it would go free.

When my children were little I did these things with them.

In later years I’ve heard that lightning bugs are poisonous, and I haven’t seen a June bug in years. I have seen what is called a Japanese beetle, which to me looks like a June bug, except smaller.

I was working in my friend’s flowerbed as I do every spring, and my daughter Angie stopped by with my sidekick Bennie. I tried to get Bennie to help me, but he didn’t want to as he didn’t want to get his hands dirty.

Had I been feeling good, I would have rolled him in the grass just to get a little dirt on him.

Bennie is going to grow up being a computer geek or an artist, as he has no interest in anything else. He does enjoy swimming and Angie takes him to visit at my daughter Kay’s quite often, since she has a beautiful in-ground pool.

Sometimes I worry about him, as he is so thin and takes no interest in anything that doesn’t have electronics, such as videos, etc.

It is hard to believe that Bennie will be in the fourth grade when school starts.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers meeting, and we had a small crowd. The music was really good, and Bob and Candie Whitaker brought a kettle of great northern beans, plus we had lots of food.

Old Time Fiddlers meets the second Sunday of each month at the Whitewater Community Center at 6125 Dry Fork Rd., in Cleves. For those in this area, please stop by. The club furnishes refreshments.

Doyle and Betty Ison, I hope you two are feeling better, it was really good to see and spend a little time with you.

I haven’t talked to Johnny and Ann Calihan so I guess I am going to have to give Ann a call and check on her.

Oma Hatton is having health problems, and I really hate to hear this as I really love this woman. Oma seems to always have enough energy to spare.

I will never forget how good she was to come to Letcher Manor to meet me during the death of my brother Wallace Lee. She was there for me with Richie and Loretta’s deaths also, and later my brother Jerry.

Jerry’s funeral is still a blur as there was so much confusion going on.

July 15 and 16 mark your calendar as time is approaching for the Bluegrass Festival at Kingscreek Park. There are several good bands that will be playing there, Sunrise Ridge, Will Caudill & Route 7, Dean Osborne Band and several others. Admission price is very reasonable.

I really hope my health is all right so I can attend this event.

It is difficult for me to go places where food is being served as I can’t eat what I would love to have. I wanted so bad just to have a small amount of peas that you break up like green beans, knowing I probably couldn’t or shouldn’t eat them.

I should have called Golden Apple and had a small amount sent to me.

Well, time is once again creeping upon me, so until next time.

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