Whitesburg KY

Summer has finally arrived in Ohio

Hello everyone! How’s everything going in your corner of the world? Summer has finally arrived as the weather has been a little warm the past few days! The grass has been growing so I assume that people’s gardens are surviving.

My flowers are very pretty in my yard. My daughter, Kay Gray, gave me a hibiscus which I put in the front yard so I can watch it bloom. If Ike and Loretta Adams were here, they would have a picture perfect shot as a rabbit decided to sit close beside my plant and I thought it was going to nibble it up. This episode happened a couple of times.

A special thanks to Vickie Power for helping mow the yard. I broke a belt on the riding mower so I have to use a push mower. At least it is self propelled, so why complain?

Congratulations to my granddaughter, Jodi Gray, who is in her second year at Mt. St. Joseph College. Jodi was on the Dean’s List and won a $5000 scholarship. Sixty students were eligible for this scholarship, then it was narrowed down to 10, and Jodi won! Jodi is planning on being a teacher. I am as proud as a peacock of this young woman.

Doyle Ison made a short trip to the mountains of eastern Kentucky; this gave me an opportunity to visit with Betty Ison. I really enjoyed our visit. With me watching my little sidekick Bennie, it seems I don’t get to visit like I want to.

Betty gave me a picture of the deck that Doyle built that I have so often referred to as a boat dock. The sun hits the back side of the house so Betty and Doyle are limited to the amount of time they can sit there. I did tell Betty we could turn the swing around backward, she said alright. No I didn’t do it!

Doyle is such a good carpenter, painter and decorator. They have such a lovely home and yard.

I told Betty before cold weather I am stopping at McDonald’s for coffee and she will find me on her deck writing or just enjoying the view when she and Doyle wake up.

Hello to Betty’s sister, Bessie Shepherd, who is enjoying her retirement. Bessie was a nurse at the Whitesburg hospital for many years.

I received a call from Wayne Moore, who is a cousin of Clayton. Wayne has made his home in New Mexico for several years. He left Livingston as a young child. His parents moved to Berea, then I really don’t know where his path of life has taken him. He and his lovely wife, Yvonne, call Rio Ranchos, N.M. home. Wayne is a musician and has recorded with Vern Gosden and several bands. I clicked on his website and he has a beautiful clear voice; he writes lots of his own songs.

He and his wife are planning a trip to the Lexington area next month for a family reunion. I hope they have time to stop by this way!

Gwen Huff Farmer got to visit with her son, Forest Farmer, and his wife in Arkansas. While there Gwen attended church and her grandson, Clifford Farmer, sang two special songs. Gwen said the church service was very good and it was wonderful to hear her grandson sing.

Barefoot Bill and Betty Kelly’s daughter is moving to the mountains, at Premium. I still want to call it Hot Spot.

Willa Mae Boggs and I were talking about Hot Spot and down the road from there is a place called Ice!

Willa Mae’s husband, Carl, headed back to Hindman to listen to music. When and if I can get back to visit I would love to go to the music place with them.

I haven’t been keeping my little sidekick Bennie as Angie hasn’t been working as much. I miss the little guy, and in a way it is sort of a relief to be able to get things done too. I really don’t remember being as tired when I was raising my children I had three before I was 21. I sure get tired with taking care of Bennie. Do you think age as something to do with it?

I haven’t talked to Shirley Wells. Shirley is busy with her grandchildren, and I have had so much going on around here that I haven’t been on the computer nor phone that much.

Vickie and I did go for a ride as I wanted to try to find a wildflower that blooms this time of year. I drove to Friendship, Ind., in search of this orange flower that draws butterflies.

I did find a patch then I chickened out trying to get to them as the weeds were waist high. I found a plant close to the road. The roots on these are really deep; I don’t know if I managed to get enough root to make it grow.

While I was out of the car with my spade, a couple stopped to see if we were having car trouble. When the woman saw the spade she knew I was after wildflowers and informed me they wouldn’t grow, and told me how deep the roots are. I told her I knew how deep they grew, however they would grow, she replied, oh no! I know I can grow them because I had a cluster of them I had planted 40 years ago. I have started trees from a branch before.

While I was visiting Kay, we went next door to her neighbor Susan’s yard. I have never seen anyone’s private yard like this one. Susan has it laid out as a maze. She has certain plants together for butterflies, trees of different kinds for birds, and blueberry bushes. There’s a fountain with waterlilies.

Tour groups come to see this yard! She even has the wildflower which I tried to get’ it is called Butterfly Flower Ascleplais. Susan bought it at a nursery, as someone has started this and made it domestic.

Just a reminder of the Polly Maucher’s annual family & friends get-together at New Trenton Fire Department July 4. I am not sure of the time, just get there early and stay late. This is open to anyone who wants to come.

When I see her brother Doug Ison, I am going to sit on his lap if I can’t find a chair. I sure hope he is sitting on a sturdy foundation!

Emma Engle, I hope you and Red are staying cool. Don’t let him in the garden too much on these hot days, and you stay in too.

I received several DVD’s from Dean Cornett of Alaska, the Bears of Kingdom Come State Park. I am going to get one to Ann and Johnny Calihan as Kingdom Come State Park is a favorite place of Ann.

My sister-in-law, Wanda Hall, is having severe pain in her mouth after dental work.

Hello to Bruce Jones on Ingram’s Creek. I hope you are watching your garden to keep my brother, Richie, out of it!

Barb Jones, I hear you have a beautiful little granddaughter Destiny that keeps you busy.

Hello, Jim Cornett. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you with Willa Mae Boggs’s email address. I spend more time on the phone talking to her, Jim and Willa Mae were neighbors in Graveyard Hollow. Now it is called another name.

I haven’t talked to my brother, Jerry, and Mattie Hall, and haven’t heard anything from my sister, Loretta Church, nor my brother, Wallace Lee Hall, and his wife, Georgia, who are in Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

Well, folks thanks for the visit, I always enjoy this little part of my week when I come to visit you once more.

Until next time! Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030 email Bluegrassmama4 @aol.com, (513) 367-4682.

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