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Summer has finally come to Ohio

Northeast Ohio

Hello all. I hope everyone had a fantastic week and is enjoying warm and sunny days.

Finally summer seems to have caught up to us. We’ve been having some 80-degree weather, but Mother Nature, being somewhat of a jokester, throws in a few 60 and 70 degrees.

We haven’t had any rain in several days, but from the weather reports some places got their share and then some. To all who were affected, I feel so sorry and I hope and pray there were no injuries. You have my prayers.

I can hardly believe the Engle-Sergent picnic is so near and about a month after that is the Letcher County picnic. It will be on Saturday, Aug. 12, from 1 p.m. until whenever at Mill Hollow Park in Vermilion, Ohio. The shelter we have will be until dark, but most leave before.

There are a couple of people I want to remind and really hope to see them there, Delmar and Bonita Sergent in Whitesburg, and Joe Bates and family in Louisiana. Joe, I hope you will remind all your kinfolk who live around and about. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you. OK?

Red talked to his niece Carleta and sister Jean. He loves hearing from his family and I’m sure he would like nothing better than going back home for a visit with all of them, but I don’t know when that might be. He’s just not doing all that well.

Hello, Dorothy Potter in North Carolina, I really enjoyed your phone call and I hope everything is well with you. I will write soon.

Anna Lea, I’ve decided I’m not going to give you or anyone any more advice. No, I didn’t try to fly. I just tried to measure the basement floor, face down. I’ve got some bad bruises, a left hand that looks like a blue hand of a television monster, a middle finger that doesn’t work too well and a hand so sore I can hardly use it. Guess we are pretty much alike, huh?

Red got his first birthday card, all the way from Sacramento, Calif. He sends a big ‘thank you” to Robert and Eva Dale Douglas.

I guess I’ll have to bake him a stack cake as he doesn’t have a sweet tooth for cake, but I sure do.

It’s been a warm, sunny day here, and the only thing that kept it from being really hot was a cool breeze.

Hello, Gladys Smith. I do hope you are doing much better. I’ve been missing your column. Also hello to Rose Ballard and Oma Hatton and to all the other writers.

I read my Mountain Eagle all the way through then go back to make sure I didn’t miss something. That’s a part of down home.

Red’s crepe myrtle and our rose of Sharon are really strutting their stuff. The colors are just beautiful, and in fact everything is looking its best, including the blue of the skies with a fluffy white cloud here and there.

I saw Richard and Georgia. He had gotten the x-ray results of his shoulder. They said it was tendonitis and old Arthur is taking up his abode there.

They have been having a revival at the church they belong to, Northlake Baptist. Billy Fields was a visiting minister, and Wade Spencer did some singing.

Wade is a son of J.B. and Barbara Spencer, and brother of Kevin Spencer. J.B. is originally from Millstone. We see his sister Carlene (Spencer) Carty at church sometimes.

Carlene’s husband Buddy and son Danny are both Old Regular Baptist preachers and Danny’s daughter Megan and her husband belong to the Antioch Church in Louisville. Her husband is a young preacher, and I met them when I went to church with Jeanie. She is such a sweet girl and her husband is a real nice young man.

Well my personal secretary is here so I’ve got to go.

Have a fantastic week, share a smile with a stranger, peace be with you, love and prayers.

By the way, all Letcher Countians are invited to the Letcher County picnic. See you there.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055.

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