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Summer has officially arrived in Ohio

Southern Ohio

Happy summer everyone!

Yes, summer has officially arrived, but I think it has been in this area for a few weeks, give or take a few cool days and nights.

Oh how I wish it would stay this temperature all year ‘round. It has really been so pleasant to me.

I am so tired of hearing the newscasters and everyone griping of how hot it is! I wonder if everyone has already forgotten how cold it was for so long. Which reminds me, I have to get busy and get a furnace put in or I am going to be in the same condition again.

That makes me think of the joke about the roof that leaks, as the man says he can’t do it when it is raining, and doesn’t have to worry when it is dry.

Again, that brings on my recalling that, as a child living in houses where the roofs leaked, Mommy would put a dishpan in the floor to catch the rain as it poured through the roof and ceiling, while the people who owned the houses lived in comfort.

I think of all the years of people not having necessities, let alone luxuries, and then I see so much being thrown away now.

I had to laugh as someone put a comment on the computer about a television with three channels while growing up! That was really funny as we never knew what a television was, much less having one with three channels.

I guess what really bothers me most of all is the fruit that went to waste in a ditch when someone wouldn’t let a child pick up an apple or a pear.

Now on to happier times.

I really do enjoy comments on the computer as people remember growing up in the mountains and happier times, especially when we had to make our own amusements. I wonder how many parents have taken their children fishing in an open stream with a cane pole. How many have taught the art of shooting marbles?

I do believe if parents and grandparents, including me, would turn off the television and video games, not to mention cell phones, and spend time with children, maybe there would be less drugs. But from what I’m hearing, lots of times it is the older generation that is doing the drugs, so maybe I am wrong.

I am glad that I was raised in an era when drugs weren’t rampant. The only thing I have done wild was growing up too fast, and then being lost between the cracks as far as education is concerned.

A friend and I were talking about being raised in the mountains and thought that if kids got into a hair-pulling episode nowadays, why you would be in juvenile court.

I am told to be a small person I am really strong. I am not really, I just have determination that I don’t rely on anyone, if there’s any way I can get by without asking. Now I am anxiously awaiting for Les and Pat Wagner’s tomatoes to get ripe as I know Les will share, especially the first ones. Actually I think Les has rigged a booby trap to make sure I don’t get close enough to look at the tomatoes.

As you have figured out by now, I enjoy teasing Les. I am so fortunate to have this wonderful couple in my life.

Larry and Becky Hasty are another couple I am glad to call friends. Larry is still having a difficult time due to a hip replacement and has a long road ahead of him for his recovery. Please remember Larry in your prayers.

The family’s aunt Ethel is still hanging in. There was a wedding in the family, which was held in the yard. Aunt Ethel got to attend, which I think is so wonderful.

Hello to James and John Ison. I hope you two are enjoying your summer.

I am finally going to spend a little time with Doyle and Betty Ison, which is long overdue.

Sunday, I went to Fairborn, to a bluegrass event. James King was supposed to be performing. James has been really sick for the past couple of months so he wasn’t able to make it, but they had really good music as Evan Lanier & The Bluegrass Express performed along with a couple more groups.

I even danced with my favorite partner, Howard. I will say we sat a few out. I teased Norma Ashcraft and said I didn’t go to see James King, or Norma, as I just wanted to dance with her uncle Howard.

Tony Hale and Black Water Bluegrass will be playing at Hunter’s Pizzeria Monday night. I may get to see Tony and the band along with Les and Pat. I will have to wait and see.

Tony Hale and a group played at Coon Hunters in Hamilton last Friday night. Dianna Ford was in from Tennessee, and I really missed a good show.

Well it is later than I thought, so I will say so long for now.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone: 513- 367-4682.

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