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Summer school break almost here

Jane Kincer Mullins is pictured with her daughter, Lindy Mullins Yonts.

Jane Kincer Mullins is pictured with her daughter, Lindy Mullins Yonts.

It’s hard to believe another week has come and gone. It seems like time is just flying by these days, especially the weekends.

Seems like just yesterday the kids were headed off to a new school year and now they only have three weeks left before summer break. I know my three grandchildren will certainly be happy about that.

We had a wonderful Mother’s Day service Sunday morning at Letcher Independent Baptist Church and my sister Charlene said they had a great one at Millstone Missionary Baptist, too. The gospel group she sings with, Master’s Harmony, was there for their special singing. She also took Mommy with her. Charlene said all kinds of people had to come and get their hugs from Mommy.

Mommy said her niece, Pearl Adams Banks, and her nephews, John and Larry Adams, just about didn’t let her go. She loved their hugs.

Master’s Harmony will be singing this coming Sunday, May 20, at Little Colley Baptist Church for their Memorial Day services. After the service they will be having their Memorial Day dinner.

Dorothy Pennington Tacket holds her Mother’s Day roses from her son, Albert Tacket, and his wife, Tonya.

Dorothy Pennington Tacket holds her Mother’s Day roses from her son, Albert Tacket, and his wife, Tonya.

Our granddaughters and I always go to our church and then stop by on our way home to eat and fellowship with them.

Last Wednesday, the director of Letcher County Senior Citizens program, Debbie Baker, and the other workers at the rec center, Sue Miles and Carmen, attended a celebration of KRADD’s 50 years of service. There are so many things KRADD has been involved in over the last 50 years and we were all surprised to find out just how much it has had to do with many improvements in our area.


From community and economic development to improving our water and wastewater plus many more improvements in Kentucky are all due to Kentucky River Area Development.

I talked to lots of our senior citizens Monday that attended the gospel singing and preaching in the Walmart parking lot Saturday, the 12th, and they said they loved it. David Mullins said he loved it, but it was so hot.

I wanted to attend but my sister-in-law Lindy Mullins Yonts’s mother passed away and her funeral was Saturday. Her name was Jane Kincer Mullins and she was a joy to be around for sure.

She had been really bad off for many years, but I never talked to her when she didn’t uplift me. She had an infectious laugh and I know her family will miss her greatly. Even last month when she was diagnosed with cancer in various parts of her body, she was praising God and telling the Yontses and me not to worry about her. She said her Lord was going to take care of her one way or another.

Since Memorial Day is coming up soon I wanted to put this entry I found in Daddy’s journal about his oldest brother, Walker Tackett, that was reported missing in action after Pearl Harbor was bombed. His body was never found.

He came home on leave but was called back after the bombing. That was the last they saw of him. Once again, let me say I copied this just like Daddy spelled. Spelling was the only thing I know of that my daddy wasn’t good at.

“One day us kids was playing in a sandbar around the bench from home. Mom and Dad had gone to the creek (or store) we called it the creek.

“ They came up to us holding one another and was crying. We ask them what was a matter, but neither of them would speak. We were all too small to understand what was wrong any way. We followed them on home.

“Mom and Dad came in crying and Madella asked what was wrong. Someone handed her the telegram that Walker was missing.

“I remember her face well, how she read the lines, slow, and come to the bad news. She just let the paper card loose and it trickled to the floor.

“She put her hands up to her eyes and begin to cry like her heart was broken. Me and Hubert still didn’t know what had all the older ones crying. But we knew something awful was a matter. We tried to cry too.

“We went out to the old cellar and talked about it and made like we was crying. We didn’t know what it was all about.

“Walker was courting a girl by the name of Lissie McKhee before he went in service. They liked each other very much. Lissie said after he got killed she thought the world of Walker.

“Walker was a sporty, dressy kind of young man, kept his shoes shined and wore the best of clothes he could get.”

The pictures we have of Walker are so much like Daddy. In some pictures it’s hard to tell if it is Walker or Daddy.

I thank God for all our servicemen. It’s hard to imagine what they have had to live through. We need to be praying for those that are still serving, also.

Also, remember to pray for my sister-in-law, Lindy Mullins Yonts, and all her family in the death of her mom. Remember my pastor and his wife and all the others who have lost loved ones.

Once again, I will end here with Oma’s famous ending. Try your best to be in church this Sunday and if your church has services Sunday evening and throughout the week, God would want you there then, too.

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