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Summer season is going by fast


Our summer season is going by pretty fast. It is a busy time of the year for many with extra mowing and taking care of a garden. My garden has turned into lawn mowing since Bert has been gone. It seems strange in a way.

I enjoyed a nice call from our niece, Frieda Runyon, in Ohio just as I finished the first paragraph of my news. She was our next-door neighbor when they lived on Cowan. She and Carl Bennett are like brother and sister. Wish she could come in more often.

We are very sorry about the death of our good little friend Leslie Sue Biggerstaff this past week. Her death was a sudden shock to her family and friends. She was a very happy, loving person. She was blessed with a long life of 60 years.

She was such a happy, loving person and received special loving care throughout her life. She will be sadly missed by her mother, Prina Biggerstaff, who gave her special care, and all her family and friends. She was one of my special friends over the years. Our sympathy to all her family. Funeral services were conducted at the First Baptist Church in Whitesburg on June 6.

Mattie Vern Banks of Elizabethtown, is enjoying a visit with her sister, Virginia Brown, and other relatives and friends.

Some people are enjoying fresh vegetables from their gardens. Not many people are farming anymore. We always enjoyed the garden. Seems like the seasons go by fast.

There will be a memorial service on Sunday, June 16, at the J.D. Maggard Cemetery at Eolia. Everyone is welcome. Dinner will be served at the Little Dove Church at the close of the meeting. All ministers are welcome. Bert and I attended services there many times over the years. The weather has been nice this year for outdoor services. We also enjoyed going to Blair Chapel Church near Cumberland and I miss seeing our friends.

Bobby and Georgia Phillips stay pretty busy. She has been having trouble with her knee but she gets around. She is a Walmart person, here and there. If you can’t find her, try Wal-mart. I saw my first Wal-mart store in Fort Smith, Ark., when Bert was in the service at Camp Chaffee, Ark., in World War II. The people were so friendly and kind there. They wanted us to stay there while Bert was gone. My best friends were Fay and Lucille Ray, who were natives of Arkansas. We kept in touch for a long time after I came home. I would love to hear from them again. Fay Ray had the shortest name of anyone in the service. Carl Bennett was 18 months old. It wasn’t easy coming back on the train by myself. I don’t know if there is a Camp Chaffee now in the service. Fort Smith was nice place to live. We lived on 2nd St. God sure took care of me while Bert was gone.

My best friend, Lucille Ray, brought me to the train station when I started back. There are good people wherever you go and there has never been a time like World War II. We hope it will never happen again. My generation has seen more changes than any other, some good, some bad.

I have run out of time for news. Love and best wishes to all.

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