Whitesburg KY

Summit City will reopen in six weeks

What has become one of Letcher County’s top tourist attractions will reopen this spring, Whitesburg Mayor James W. Craft said this week.

According to Craft, Summit City Coffee owner Joel Beverly has committed to reopening the Main Street bar and restaurant, which has attracted music fans from 41 states, within six weeks.

Craft said Beverly made the commitment during a meeting at City Hall on Monday.

“It was a fruitful meeting,” Craft said. “I came away from it feeling really good.”

When Beverly announced the closing of the Summit City late last month after a disagreement with the Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, other downtown restaurant/ bar owners began voicing concerns about the effect the closing would have on their businesses, as Summit City has been a downtown attraction for the nationally-recognized musical acts the venue had been presenting on a regular basis for nine years.

“Summit City is the key to that whole section,” said Craft, whose meeting with Beverly lasted three hours. “Many of the issues surrounding the closing of Summit have now been resolved.”

Craft said the venue will undergo remodeling while it is closed.

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