Whitesburg KY

Sun brings out skateboarders


Hello to everyone, it looks like spring may have sprung! I hope so anyway.

I guess our most exciting news is that the Town and Country Bank and Trust on 3rd Street was robbed last week.

I don’t have all the details, but some friends were discussing it and it appears that the man was caught, and he is 78 years old. I suppose the bad economy has gotten to everyone, however it’s difficult to imagine why someone of that age would do such a thing.

The sun came out this past weekend and children were so excited to be outdoors. The skate park was filled with people and skateboarders.

On Sunday, my friend Jeff Lester and I attended Parkway Baptist Church. The church was in its last week of a six-week program using the movie “Fireproof ” in classes called “Fireproof your Marriage”. The sermon topic for that morning was “A Better Way of Loving” from Luke 5:1-26. The message was awesome and a clip from the movie was shown.

It was nice visit. I have been attending New Beginnings Baptist which is closer to my home and reminds me of Eolia Baptist Mission or Little Cowan Primitive Baptist, where everybody knows everybody.

Tracy Cissell had her own little adventure. On Saturday, she was going to Georgetown to see her fiance who is a truck driver. Her car stalled on the interstate somewhere between Versailles and Lexington, and she hitchhiked back home with the mechanic who stopped to help her.

Happy birthday to my mom on March 9. I know I’m late with it, but I hope it was happy.

Also happy birthday to Sheldon Sturgill on March 15 and to Carmen June “C.J.” Lester on March 28. Also, Bernard Rayburn will be 14 years old on March 31. It’s amazing how fast time goes by.

Dale Marie Ballard and Carl Woodson Henderson will be married March 21. Friends and family are invited to a reception afterward at the Parkway Baptist Church.

Prayer list this week includes Kristi Hatton, Jeff Lester, June Clark, Kathy Beavers, Judy Branham, Tracy Cissell, Julie Rummage and her family, Jim Hardesty, Teddy and Naoma Sturgill and Kevin Rayburn.

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