Whitesburg KY

Sun is not melting 8 inches of snow


Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well and enjoying all this snow. I’m still snowed in, can’t get out. I still have all my snow, about eight inches. The sun doesn’t get up here ‘til it’s evening and then it’s time to go down. I’m hoping to be able to get my car out by Saturday for our Howard Christmas party.

Late happy birthday to Linda Hall. It was Dec. 8. Also late birthday wishes to Geneva Adams Dec. 7. Welcome to the 80s club. I beat you there. I’m enjoying it.

Thank you, Judy Puckett of Winchester, for the birthday card. I remembered who you were. I helped you find out where your mother’s grave was. I was glad I was able to help you.

We are all sad here. We are going to lose a good friend and neighbor and good church brother. He is moving to Ohio to be near his children. He will surely be missed along with his wife Marie, a very sweet lady.

I talked with my son Astor. His granddaughter Taylor Shaff er has been visiting her grandmother Jeanette and her aunt and uncle Kathy and Chris Nelson and her cousin Caroline Nelson in Alabama and really en- joyed her visit.

Wendy and Kevin Day and their sons Larry and Rocky Day have been in Columbus, Ind., visiting friends and I think Larry brought home a beautiful puppy, a Christmas present. He is a happy little fellow.

Steve Caudill and William Caudill, I want you to know I’ve enjoyed seeing you on the Beattyville TV station. You sure sounded good. I love the old songs and your music was great. William’s family lives about half a mile from me. I’ve watched him grow up and Steve was our TV repairman and he was sure good at that. You can tell he loves what he’s doing. I’ve also enjoyed seeing Bro. Richard Hampton and his wife Joyce. I’ve been to their church at Jeremiah. It’s been awhile. They sounded real good.

It was good seeing Vonda and Ed Caudill at the hospital the other day. I could hardly believe it when Vonda told me her twins were 23 years old and her youngest was 17. I can remember when they were born. Time is sure passing fast.

I haven’t been in my car for a week. I hope I can remember how to drive. It’s time to renew my license if I ever get out.

I just got a call from Anna Watkins. She is out of the hospital and was home. She was getting all the messages where I had called trying to find out about her. I’m a regular Sherlock Holmes. I don’t give up.

After I put Bob Marlowe’s picture in last week, I found out he was in Winchester. I hadn’t heard anything about him in over 20 years. Maybe he will get in touch with me.

Aggie Hatton is still getting a little better every day. I hope she will be well soon. I miss her sitting with me in church.

I forgot to say William Caudill dedicated a song to Shirley and Daniel Cook and talked real good about them. He said they were good people. I knew that already. They go to our church and we are so proud of them.

I think our sisters Judy Greene and Joann Brown will be coming in for our Christmas party. I hope the weather doesn’t get as bad as it’s predicted. We still have eight inches in my yard and we are promised three to five inches more over the next few days. Kevin Day, can’t you change the forecast?

It is just me or is Christmas coming really fast this year? I love Christmas and the reason for it, but I liked the old-fashioned Christmas better. Things have changed so much and we don’t have the excitement about it we used to have. People want so much that they really don’t need and don’t really appreciate it.

I’ve never really wanted much and don’t need a lot. I’m just happy and thankful for everything I’ve been blessed with and don’t want anything I can’t afford. Do I sound a little crazy? Maybe.

My family and my friends and my church keep me happy.

Pray for all our friends who are sick. May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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