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Sunday School class visits Opal Banks


It seems that we missed the heavy rains that hit throughout Kentucky and Tennessee, flooding so many areas. We are getting rain as I write this on Sunday evening, but hopefully we won’t have any flooding.

Thirty-four members of the Sunday School class from Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church recently visited with Opal Banks. They have been missing her since she has been sick.

Bessie Adams has pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Slone’s new baby. I think she said the baby was born in March.

Estevah Blair of Blair Branch died last week after being in poor health recently. Our sympathy goes out to her family; they will miss her greatly.

We’re glad that Vada Blair is feeling better. She has been having some health problems lately.

Wanda Caudill improved enough to get out of the hospital and stay with her son, Jeff rey. We are all happy for her and continue to pray for her.

Lee and Wilma Pridemore have been to Ohio to visit Roy Kenon and Billie Smith and Bill and Elva Marshall. They stayed a couple of days before coming home.

So sorry to learn that Bascom McIntyre died. He was well known and loved by so many here and in the surrounding communities. His funeral was held Saturday at the Doermann Memorial Presbyterian Church in Blackey, and our hearts go out to his family.

Lyle Frazier of Louisville, formerly of Cowan, has been a very sick man. He suff ered a heart attack recently, and is struggling to get better. He is married to Mary Lou Combs’s daughter, Donna, and many here know him.

Sunday, Bob, Kenny Joe and I visited with Hazel Adams at the nursing home. Her son Johnny was with her, and she was having a good day.

James Caudill of Crases Branch has finally improved enough to be at church at Blackey on Sunday. It was Mount Olivet’s Union meeting, and they had a good service and a large crowd attending.

Lillie and Hattie Blair’s son, Herman, was here visiting family recently.

Elwood and Kathy Cornett went to the Chester Hogg Church in Indiana last Saturday to attend the ordination of Guy Parks as a deacon. He and Patsy are former Black Bottom residents.

We talked with Pat Caudill and her mother, Alma Fields, while we were at Letcher Manor. Alma is taking physical therapy there, and we hope she is doing well with it and will be out soon.

Charles Barton of Blackey had open heart surgery recently, and we send get well wishes to him.

It was a shock to hear that Marty Lusk died at his mother, Martha Jane Burns’s, home at Blackey. Marty was always a very likeable fellow, and our sympathy goes out to his family.

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