Whitesburg KY

Sunny weather makes it time to bail hay

Hello once again!

As I am typing this column I glance across the new cut hayfield. It’s drying and it will be bailed into huge rolls by tomorrow.

So many years Eugene Ziegler and his family bailed it in square bails. Then along came a new modern technique. It does seem a lot less time consuming bailing in the ball way.

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather we are having, since I haven’t been able to. My irises have finally bit the dust due to the onset of hot weather.

I spent a few days at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati. Thanks to my granddaughter Jodi Gray for taking me to the emergency room. I’m back at home now, feeling somewhat better but not 100 percent.

I was badly dehydrated again. I try to drink water but it doesn’t stay down long enough to do any good

My daughter Kay is entertaining a crowd, including my daughter Angie and little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold, so I didn’t want to bother anyone. I called my faithful friend Vicki Power to pick me up at the hospital to bring me home.

Kay opened her huge underground pool for everyone to swim.

Bennie has been very sick this week, and he may still be on antibiotics.

My youngest daughter Anna Nottingham, along with Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn’s Girl Scout Troop among others, were in Chicago for the long weekend. I will find out all about their trip and share it with you next week.

Southern Ohio

While I was in Good Samaritan Hospital, I flipped through the television channels and finally found some videos of Merle Travis in his early years. The films were from Appalshop. Of course I had to share that information with the nurse while explaining to her I was from Roxana, just a little ways from Whitesburg.

Oma Hatton, I am sorry for the loss of your sister. I know what a close family you are. I left home at such an early age I missed out on a lot of family closeness.

Yes, you can love one another in your heart and talk on a telephone, but there’s nothing as special as being around each other in person.

In my immediate family, there’s not the unique closeness as I know others have. I am to blame because I don’t open up to my kids. I prefer to keep things to myself.

Someone asked me years ago if my kids help me. For one thing the kids, though adults now, don’t know if I am in a tight spot or not. That is why I have a new lawnmower in my garage. I didn’t want to depend on anyone to cut my grass. Then I got sick again and I hired Zach Harper to cut the grass for me.

Mildred Rogers, I will try to call you sometime soon. I found your message on my phone.

I wish the doctor could find something to help me instead of it being a temporary fix.

Thanks to the Mountain Eagle for such a good story, Welcome Back Carcassonne. I sure enjoyed reading it. Marcia Caudill invited me to come back for this event, and Ricky Caudill and I were going to attempt a square dance, but of course it didn’t happen.

I enjoy Seedtime on the Cumberland, but it will just have to make an entrance and exit without me.

I talked to Pat Wagner for a few minutes, and Les and Pat are doing all right.

I haven’t talked to Johnny or Ann Calihan this week. I did see on the computer that their daughter Sue Wagner has been in the hospital again. Sometimes I think Sue and I are in competition. It seems we are both in the hospital at the same time, just different hospitals.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I can say it wasn’t a very good one. I spent Christmas, Valentine’s Day, then I skipped Easter, and ended up in the hospital on my birthday, and was there for Memorial Day.

I still have a hard time with Memorial Day as it was called Decoration Day! People would make a bunch of homemade flowers out of red and green crepe paper. I don’t recall people having cookouts or fancy parties, as this was a sad occasion for paying tribute to your loved ones that were gone.

The only time I ever remember Mom fixing anything to eat outside was a Fourth of July. It really wasn’t a cookout as Mom’s cousin Betty and Junior Hatton came to our house and had dinner with us, and watermelon and vanilla ice cream afterwards.

I am sorry once again this column is short and not very interesting.

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