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Sunrise service takes place on beach

Hello to all Mountain Eagle readers.

Hope you are well and safe from all the terrible tornado weather and floods. It is so heartbreaking to hear and see what has happened to so many people in the last few weeks. I pray that God’s love will ease the pain and sorrow to all who have been in this terrible situation and bring them closer to Him and to their neighbors and make their families stronger in daily living and respectful care. He is the only true way.

Just a thought — think about what all has been happening all over the world lately. I believe we need to just get in a secure, secluded place and really let our minds absorb what may be. God is truly telling His people something. I feel this deeply. Linefork

My son Randy and I made a very long and beautiful trip to Cocoa Beach, Fla., to see my granddaughter Lauren Marie Ingram and her baby son Grant Michael. He is 2 1/2 years old and so handsome and good. He was sick with pneumonia, but he did really well. We didn’t know he was sick before we left, but she was glad we came to be with her.

We stopped in Lugoff, S. C., at our son David’s home as we went down. He and his wife Denise had been up here with us for a few days and they went back with us. David went on with us to Florida to visit his daughter Lauren and the baby. Denise had to work. She is a nurse.

While there, we had a grand time on Easter Sunday. We went to a great sunrise service on the beach. It was at 6:30 a.m. and there were approximately 1,500 people or more all up and down the beach. Big speakers were everywhere so all could hear the ministers really well. The singing was so beautiful. The prayers were so precious and the talks were great and from the Bible.

The sun came up on the east horizon to our left where we were seated. It was so glorious and so big looking, it was awesome to behold. I stood there and thought of my life and how great our God is to make such a wonderful place as Earth and all the precious other things He made for mankind to see and be able to use and live a life of beautiful freedom, to go and see what He has done for us all.

It brought tears to my eyes and put a tenderness of love, care and peace in my soul for His wonderful gifts and the gift of breath we have as we walk this journey, to feel the soft breeze and gentle whisper of winds blowing from the sea from the direction of the rising sun out on the ocean so big that is never still. It amazes me to think of all the things that live in the restless waves and why it is never still and why it is so salty and how the waves are never in the same directions. Oh! The mystery of it all is astounding.

I got news today that a lifetime friend of mine has died. Earl Cornett was the son of John A. and Bertha Ison Cornett. He lived in Michigan. He and his mom and dad used to be our next door neighbors. We went to grade school on Ingram’s Creek (Linefork). He was a brother to Edith Cornett, my best friend at that time. We were in the same grade. She became very ill and died when we were in the seventh grade at age 14. She was born in April 1929 and I was born in October 1929. It really was a sad time in my young life. I still go put flowers on her grave every Memorial Day. She was a very precious friend. Now all her family is gone except the youngest son Harold. He lives in Fort Knox.

Earl came to visit us a few years ago to go hunting with Claude and his cousins Dover and Troy Cornett. Now Dover and Earl are both gone. We will always love and remember them in our life. Precious memories. Dover could cook really well and he and I would cook and share with all the family members that were here at the time.

Memories of yesterday’s love linger on in my life as all the days come and go.

My trip to Florida turned out to be a great time with my family members. David was a great one to be with. He took us to so many beautiful places.

On the way down, we went to the Pig BBQ Pit. It was very unique and old fashioned. You could eat inside or outside on picnic tables.

We stopped at Daytona Beach for just a short time to see the ocean for the first stop for Randy. Then we went on our way to Lauren’s. She was happy to see us come visit her and had made cavatina for our evening meal. We were tired but so happy to see here and the baby and her two aunts, Deborah from Johnson City, Tenn., and Dianne from Mims, Fla. They were staying in a condo on the beach, enjoying the sun and being with Lauren.

The next day we went up to Dianne’s to check on her home and her dog. Then we went to Playalinda Beach and we could see the Endeavor being ready to launch on Friday of that next week. It was a beautiful view. We could see it really well.

We rode through the Black Point Wildlife Refuge. It is a sight to behold! We got to see one small alligator in a pond by the road through the park, a manatee just lying there under the surface of the water, and all kinds of birds and the precious white butterflies that only live in that place. They are a species that is really taken care of.

We went to New Smyrna Beach and Flagler Beach, Ormand Beach and Marine Land where the Inner Coastal River runs into the ocean in St. Johns County, Fla.

We ate at Blackbeard’s Inn where David had oysters on the half shell, Randy had grouper, and I had fish stew and a big salad bar. It was really good and it is a nice place. We got to see them shuck the oysters right there on a table — fresh. It is really an art to be able to do that job. The boys were such nice waiters.

We went out on the beach one night close to Lauren’s and took flashlights to see what all we might see. We got to see a live crab and David caught it and it pinched his finger pretty bad. Then we saw another and it ran so fast it looked like it was flying back to the water. I found some pretty shells and some small pieces of coral. It was a good experience to listen to the sounds of the waves. Kind of lonely sounding.

The Flagler Beach was really a nice beach. We went out on a big pier and watched the biggest waves we saw. They were huge and beautiful and the sound of crashing was awesome.

A bunch of men were fishing from the pier. One man caught a hammerhead. It was a strange fish. Its head was flat and it had eyes in the end of that flat place. It sure would scare me to catch one of them. I’d throw my fishing pole away. They are ugly looking but it’s good to learn of such a thing.

One evening we went out to eat at Fish Lips and we saw the sunset and also two big cruise ships parked really close to us waiting to take people on a cruise. They were so big and white and had beautiful paintings on them and such pretty lights all around the sides.

We had a great meal and enjoyed the music and all the scenery. I had mahi mahi fish, Lauren had crab cakes, and David had crab legs. I tasted that for my first time. It was good, I guess.

Well, that is enough of my vacation.

The big grand reunion, Memories of Yesterday’s Love, is drawing near and I’m getting a lot of responses and letters and calls. So I am getting very eager for this time, May 28, at the Kingdom Come Community Center beginning at 10:30 a.m. and all day long.

Dinner at 2:30 p.m. and there will be snacks and drinks to munch on and good places to visit old friends and meet new ones. The meal will be $10 per person and all that plan on coming, please send the money to me by May 15 in order for them to have money to purchase food stuff to cook. If you can and feel like it, send a little extra for my part of decorating and things for all to enjoy.

I’m hoping to see many sweet and dear faces of people I’ve known and love. Bring pictures and memories of your time at Kingdom Come High School and Kingdom Come Elementary School.

Let me hear very soon. Time is passing and I need to know how many to prepare for. I pray that everyone will have a safe journey here and back home. Remember the song by the Judds, “Love can building a bridge between your heart and mine. Don’t you think it’s time?”

Dori s June Creech Combs called me to tell me about my friend Earl’s death and she hadn’t heard about the reunion. She said she would try to come. Earl was related to her family.

Her brothers Burley Creech and Carl Creech were in school at Kingdom Come during my high school years in the 1940’s. They are gone now too. Burley was a great artist.

Well, I’m going to stop for now and I’ll write again soon. Hoping to see you all May 28.

Bonnie Ingram, 14972 Hwy. 160, Linefork, Ky. 41833, phone (606) 589- 5078.

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