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Sunshine brings on spring cleaning


To begin this week, I want to ask for prayers for the parents and family members of baby Andrew Bradley LeRoy, a newborn who died Feb. 22, at our local hospital. In times like that prayer is the only thing that can off er comfort because the comfort is heavensent.

John and I are sitting here at home watching it snow as I’m writing this. We had beautiful temperatures with lots of sunshine last week and it put me in a spring cleaning mood. Bernard and I moved the two heavy totes of Christmas lights back into the shed. I was waiting for help lifting them and didn’t want to get the totes muddy by dragging them through the yard. That sunshine melted the rest of the snow, thank goodness.

I want to say belated happy birthday to my aunt, Naoma Sturgill at Eolia, who celebrated on Feb. 23.

I want to thank everyone who sent up prayers for Mom while she was in the hospital. She is home now after spending a week in Hazard ARH.

Just in case I am working or busy with the kids and forget to get my news out that week, happy birthday to Judy Branham on March 9. Also better known to me as ‘Mom,’ ha, ha.

Last week Tower Automotive did away with its second shift and combined part of second-shift workers with first and third shift.

The next day, when WLKY announced the close of the Toyota plant in Georgetown, it followed with laying off several of its temporary workers hired through staffing firms. It told the other ‘temp’ workers that it would be laying all of them off within the next two or three weeks.

Mitsuba, however, has pushed back its layoff date. It will be completed by July 20, resulting in the loss of 120 jobs. The original plan had set the date for late March.

On a lighter, more positive note, RJ Corman will be hiring people to help with the railway track improvements. It is planning to hold a job fair and hire around 100 workers to complete the project.

A citywide smoking ban passed recently for all public buildings. By the looks of it there isn’t anyone in town who is happy about this at all. I am a non-smoker and I have asthma — but I wouldn’t want to be told I couldn’t enter a building because I bite my nails or have a bad habit of not knowing when to stop talking. It might not seem like the same thing, but I feel that if someone isn’t in my face, purposefully blowing smoke in my breathing area and inducing an asthma attack, then I don’t have much of a problem

I just can’t help but wonder, should the non-smokers have something they enjoy taken away as well? Thank God nobody has complained about the smell of my coffee or someone having coffee breath talking too close and making them feel ill, because, well, that might be next.

I’m sorry, that’s just my opinion. It’s best I stick to current events and don’t get onto that track.

Our friend Jim picked up his new ‘service dog’ last week. He has a condition that impairs his muscle control, causing him to stumble from time to time and occasionally fall, and his doctor recommended that he have a dog to help him at his home. It is a terrier, and his name is Ticker.

Prayer list this week includes Judy Branham, Inez Hampton, Teddy Sturgill, of Eolia, Jim Hardesty, John Rayburn, June Clark, Kathy and Jr. Beavers, Ethel Beavers, Jeff Lester, Brother Ike Ferguson and his wife Peggy, Barry Adams, Clyde Stidham Jr. of Pound, Va., Denise Hicks, Nora Thurman, and Keith Collins.

May you all be abundantly blessed, and thanks for reading.

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