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Sunshine has no warmth

Howdy all, I do hope everyone is well and staying warm. It’s a cold one here today, was nine below zero this morning. The sun is shining brightly, but there doesn’t seem to be any warmth in it. We still have lots of ice and snow and probably will until summertime.

I just got our morning paper and read where D.V. Polly had died Feb. 9. He was born on Bottom Fork but had lived in Lorain since ‘52. He and his wife, Melda, were present at several of the Letcher County picnics, a really nice, friendly couple who everyone liked very much. My deepest sympathy to Melda and all his family.

Catharine has been on the puny list for several days. No, not just puny but really sick, very unusual for her. She says she is better but still not 100 percent. Her husband, Jeremy, has also been pretty sick. I just hate to have any member of my family on the sick list. Northeast Ohio

Speaking of sick lists, Georgia can be added. She just can’t seem to get much better. I keep telling her she should take at least a month off and do nothing except what she wants to. Of course there’s not a lot one can do right now, but I could find something, read, sew and maybe do nothing at all except take my daily nap. I do anyway, some days a short one and some days a two or three hour one.

I heard on the weather news last night that Huntsville, Ala,. would get at least a foot of snow. I wonder if Ron and Johnell are out making a snowman, snow angels, having a snowball fight, sledding or doing like me and staying inside. I have a real fear of icy spots.

Red has talked with Charles who said he and Delores were okay. He also talked to his niece, Frances Howard, who like me had a fall on ice and must have fallen on her back also, it’s no fun, I can tell you that. She said her mom, Nina, wasn’t doing too well.

Red’s niece Carleta called and said her back was giving her fits but not due to a fall. I called Jeanie, and now I’m worried about her. She passed out at dialysis and they had a time bringing her around. She said she was going toward the light.

I haven’t heard from Anna Lea in quite a while. I sincerely hope she and her family are all well. She has a bad time with sinus infections.

Hello to Earl Maggard of Bolivia, N.C. I hope you are well and what’s this I hear about your plan to sabotage my mustard patch come spring by putting salt on it? Naughty, naughty! If you promise to leave it alone I just might up and send you a mess, deal? Let’s just hope I will be able to sow some this year. I’m an old hill girl and needs my greens, soup beans and cornbread of course.

Happy birthday to Gladys Smith, who will be celebrating Feb. 19. I hope you have a good one and lots more. It was so good talking with you.

Gladys lives in Bolivia, N.C., but like me is still a Letcher County girl at heart. I was so sorry to hear about your fall, I hope the bruises and hurting are getting better.

I do declare, there must be some evil spirit floating around and somehow causing we older ones to fall and I should say, some not so old.

Georgia had a doctor’s appointment but I haven’t heard from her but of course if she had any tests will probably have to wait to get results.

I don’t know where our two truck driving grandsons are, but I hope and pray they are someplace that doesn’t have such violent weather, no snow, no ice and no wild winds. I don’t know where that could be as this seems to be everywhere.

Oh well, spring isn’t too far away, at least on the calendar.

I‘ve got stop, time isn’t standing still. Y’all have a great week, stay warm, stay well and watch out for icy spots. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, emmalouengle@yahoo.com, ( 440) 233- 7548.

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