Whitesburg KY
Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Sunshine, warmth visit Ohio

Northeast Ohio

Greetings one and all, hope you had a beautiful day like the one we had, around 80 all day with lots of sunshine. Not such a good day for me as I had a really bad night and a bad day, though I did manage to peel some apples and cook them. I was afraid if I waited too long I would lose them.

We had some company today. Richard and Georgia stopped by and so did Debbie and one of my hospice ladies came by just to hang out with us. Her name is Cindy and we just love talking with her.

Meagan just left to go to work. She got a job as waitress at Denny’s Restaurant and really loves it. So far she’s been training and I do believe tonight will be her last night. While doing this she only makes minimum wage and is not allowed to accept tips. If she finishes tonight, she will get more in wages and can accept tips.

Catharine stopped by earlier but had to wait for me to get this ready. So she’s taking her dog for a run.

Still getting some beautiful cards every day. Thanks to all who sent or called. Got a beautiful bouquet this afternoon from Lena. You should see the beautiful pink pitcher they are in. Thank you girl, love you.

Jean Cook, I do hope you are feeling better. Ain’t no fun ailing, is it?

Hello and love to all my Sergent and Engle families. Am going to have to cut this short as I really need to lie down.

Love and prayers to each and every on. Stay well, be happy and share a smile with anyone you might meet along the way. Thank you, cousin Janice Jordan, for the uplifting phone call. Hope you and James are feeling better. Love you both.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, Ohio, 1-440-233-7548.

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