Whitesburg KY
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy

Sure enjoying this beautiful weather

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

I’ve sure been enjoying this pretty weather and even getting some outside work done. I love working outside, more than inside.

It’s raining a little bit today and I hope it doesn’t get cold, but it is about time to change.

I enjoyed getting a call from Alberta Barker. She and her daughter Sherry Sturgill had a nice visit with a good friend, Vivian Stines of South Carolina, and another friend, Ruth, was with her. I didn’t get her last name. I’m sure they enjoyed themselves. If you are around Alberta, you have a good time, and her daughter is the same and so is Jerry Barker.


I enjoyed the Hatton reunion so much.

I’d like to say hello to a dear friend, Shirley Breeding. I still think of how she was with me on all those trips to the Veterans Center to visit our husbands. She will always be special to me! I got a beautiful card from her yesterday and, what I appreciate, she made the card herself and that made it more special. I understand she does that for a lot of other people. Thank you again, God bless you!

I heard my nephew Caleb had a bad wreck, but we heard he was going to be all right. It was a bad wreck. We are all so thankful; we’ve been through a lot these last few months and we all love Caleb.

Linda Hatton and I went to a great shower for Loren Bird and Beau Hatton, who will be married in November. We all appreciate all the people of their church in Jenkins. They were all so nice and friendly and helpful. I met a lot of my friends there also. I won’t name them because I might miss some of their names, but it was good seeing all of them. Beau and Loren were so pleased with all their gifts. They sure got a lot and we are all pleased. Beau is my great-grandson.

I was pleased to get a call from Linda Hall and it reminded me I missed her sister Dorthy Tacket’s birthday. We always remembered each other’s. There has been so much going on in my life, losing two of my sisters while I was having problems also. I’m coming along and doing well. Dorthy, if you read this, late happy birthday! You are one of my very best friends.

My son Bill called. He had been to Blackey Days and enjoyed it. He saw Rose Ballard there and he had a great time. She asked about me and hoped to get to see me. I missed seeing her news. That way I know how she is and what she’s doing.

It was good seeing Lelah Dixon. She doesn’t ever change, just stays pretty. That must be nice.

My son Rob is in Lexington visiting his children and grandchildren, and Astor and Rosemary are in Ashland visiting their children and grandchildren. I’m proud of all four of my sons and their wives. They love their families. I like that.

My son Larry is having a birthday tomorrow (Monday). I won’t tell how old he is or people will think I’m old. I might be old Nov. 21.

Today is Sunday and I look forward to church and Sunday school. I love my church and my pastor, Bro. John Conn, who stays on the road visiting so many sick or hurt.

I got a great surprise when I went to United Super Store a few days ago. I hadn’t been there in four months. It had changed so much, bigger and everything had changed. I couldn’t find anything. It was beautiful! I just rambled around to meet the people. I think I came out with some cat food and some chicken from the deli and met some friends and a lot of people I had never met. I met Wanda Stidham and we talked. She said she loved The Mountain Eagle, but she always looked for my pictures. Of course she knew all of them all their lives and I’d better keep putting them in. She has always been a friend; she went to school with my boys.

Hello, Elzie Ray Hatton. You were sure missed at the Hatton reunion. You were the life of the party. Hello to Iva (Absher) Cheatham and Bertha (Page) Dye, old friends from Marlowe who have kept in touch.

I haven’t heard anything from the Tommy Taylor family.

Well I can tell I’m rambling on, so I’ll stop here. May God bless all of you. Try to be in church if you are able.

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