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Surgery leads to complication

Southern Ohio

Hello again everyone!

What has happened to our beautiful warm weather? It is very cold here in the Harrison area.

My, how time flies when you are having fun, although I could ask the question is it fun yet?

Actually I have been having fun, I am back to my old tricks, I have decided to change my name from Rose to run around Sue!

Thursday, I felt my right leg throbbing, but I really didn’t pay much attention to it as it just felt uncomfortable. Plus I was feeling bad anyway.

Thursday night as I was getting dressed for bed, I knew I was in big trouble. As I slipped off my jeans to put on my pajamas, I looked at my right leg, and oh it was so swollen from my knee to what was supposed to be my ankle!

My first thoughts were to drive myself into Christ Hospital, but then I thought, what if they keep me? I was afraid my car would be towed.

It was 9:30 at night, and I called my friend Vickie Power and told her the situation. Vickie was here in a heartbeat.

At first Vickie wanted to take me to the local ER and I told her that was a waste of my money and time, so we went to Christ Hospital. I made a wise decision as the nurse and the doctor were concerned about a blood clot.

As it happened they couldn’t do an ultrasound at night. I was given a shot of Fragment (a blood thinner) in my belly, and over two hours later I was discharged and sent home with instructions to call for an appointment Friday morning for an ultrasound.

The ultrasound showed where the surgeon had removed the vein in my right thigh for my heart surgery, the vein wasn’t closed right and blood seeped into my leg then congealed into a pocket, which somehow stopped the blood from going down my leg. The young girl who did the ultrasound called another person to take a look as she was very surprised and upset.

You can’t see anything on the outside of my leg as this is deep in my flesh, but as she was rolling the ultrasound with the hot gel on my inner thigh it was very painful. She did say there was no sign of blood clots, but I am to walk excessively, and when I am not walking I have to keep my right leg elevated.

I did as I was told. My friend Vickie Power and I went to Coon Hunters Club to listen to the music. When I got there you would have thought I was a queen as everyone was so nice, telling me how much they missed seeing me. Some were people whom I had never taken the time to know their names. It was a really good feeling to be there even though I couldn’t dance.

I want to apologize to Gary Eldridge who has a band called R.R. 2. The band is from Rising Sun, Ind. R.R. did a concert at a church in Rising Sun, and somehow with everything I have been going through, I got it into my thick head it was Saturday instead for Friday.

I was just getting dressed to head for Rising Sun to attend the concert when I found out it was Friday evening not Saturday. I know I missed a good show and I was really looking forward to seeing this band. Maybe I will have the pleasure of seeing and listening to this band again very soon.

Saturday on the spur of the moment I called my friend Shirley Godbey and asked what time she was leaving to go to Hunter’s Pizza in Middletown. I had less than an hour to get dressed and get to Shirley’s house in Cincinnati. I made it with about five minutes to spare.

Shirley picked up two more friends, Jay and Marylee. I had seen them before at music, but I am not acquainted with them.

Saturday night at Hunter’s Pizzeria Tony Hale and Special Delivery were the featured band. Tony Hale played guitar, Johnny Wax on the banjo, Larry “Bubba” Griffin on the bass Wayne Haddix played mandolin and Gil Benson the fiddle. All the guys sing, and they really have a good, tight band.

They are such great guys, and Tony is a big guy and looks like he would be gruff. I have sort of adopted him as he is the same age of my kids. The whole bunch is just wonderful.

Tony kept mentioning that some of his church friends were in the audience.

During break I asked Tony if it was the same ones who were subscribers to The Mountain Eagle, and he said yes.

I asked if he would introduce me to them, and he said sure. In the meantime someone else started talking to Tony. I didn’t have to go hunt the people as two ladies came to look for me instead, Pat Wagner along with Rebecca Wagner Hasty.

Pat’s husband is from Mayking, and I believe his name is Don Wagner. Pat, please forgive me if I have put you with the wrong man.

Pat is such a lovely person, says she enjoys my column. I wish I was as special as she made me feel. Her husband is also such a great guy, as he was telling jokes. My incision is still sort of painful and it hurts to laugh.

I am so glad I decided to go see Special Delivery Band, and it was such a delight to meet Pat Wagner and her family.

Sunday morning I drove to West Milton, which is a few miles from Englewood, and Englewood isn’t that far from Dayton.

Kenton Moore is lead singer and guitar player for Rock Island Plow Co. bluegrass band. In February while in the hospital being treated for breathing problems, Kenton suffered several heart attacks and didn’t get enough oxygen into his body, so his arm turned black and had to be amputated.

A benefit was given for Kenton at American Legion in West Milton. This was a huge success and I am very proud to say I was able to be part of it.

There were several bands, and the music was really good. I only had one problem; I am not able to dance yet. Although I have danced a little in my living room, I am not ready to cut loose on a dance floor, not just yet, but give me a couple of weeks more.

A favorite singer of mine and Shirley Wells was there, Clarence Kelly. Though he didn’t have his band, he joined a group and did a great show. I called Shirley in Clarksville, Tenn., and let her listen on my cell phone.

Norma Ashcraft worked herself half to death helping with this benefit as someone else was supposed to help and didn’t show up. I helped as much as I could.

Matt called saying he was stopping by, but I laughed and said I wasn’t home that I was on my way to West Milton. Matt asked if I could wait until after he came by the house, but I was already on the outskirts of Dayton.

When I came home late Sunday night I found a plate of brownies, and a bouquet of lilacs and wisteria, and a beautiful note from Matt’s little daughter Daphne.

Gwen Huff Farmer had also called while I was gone.

Hello to my special friend Green Calihan, with whom I keep in touch on the computer. Green is like a kid brother to me.

Coolie Jr. Calihan, I am so sorry to hear of Pat being ill.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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