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Surprise party celebrates 50th anniversary


Another week and come and gone and the month of September is fast approaching. August has been such a hot, humid and dry month that everything seems to have dried up and turned brown. Even the leaves are beginning to crinkle up and turn brown as if it was already fall.

We were glad to see Wallace Bowling able to be out to church at Tolson Creek Church on Sunday. He recently was injured on his gas company job and had to be taken to Holston Valley Hospital to recuperate.

Happy anniversary to Bennett and Linda Combs who were given a surprise 50th anniversary party at the Premium Baptist Church on Saturday.

Patsy and Barb Howard of Atlanta, Ga., were here over the weekend to attend the Caudill Cemetery memorial meeting. We enjoyed seeing them and I’m glad they were able to visit family and friends while here. They visited with Jeff Mitchell who is having a lot of health problems lately.

The bus tour to the state fair in Louisville had to be called off because not enough folks wanted to go. It’s always a good trip, but this year has been so hot it may have hurt the attendance.

Jean Hampton and Jamie Frazier have been to Portland, Ind., with Jeffrey Darrel and Kay Hampton, who always attend the farm machinery festival and flea market there. They always have a good trip and enjoy being together and looking for bargains.

Early Saturday morning, Bob, Opal, Sue, Hunter and I all loaded up and drove to Corbin to meet our daughter, Jessie, for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. After eating and shopping there, we drove to London and went to the flea market.

Sunday evening, Noah Campbell had his fifth birthday party. He had a ball playing and opening gifts.

Happy birthday to Kay Back of Black Bottom, who had a birthday on August 23.

This news from Den Arthur Adams:

“The 20th Adams, Thompson and Blair reunion was held Friday and Saturday, August 3 and 4, at the Arthur and Helmer Adams Memorial Park. We were expecting it to be unbearably hot on top of the mountain, but it wasn’t bad because we have plenty of shade trees at the park now. Friday evening and night there were just under 100 people that signed the register and I think the threat of thunderstorms and the heat kept some away.

“Friday night we enjoyed the vegetable soup that we make annually and the other foods that people brought in to share. Jeff Adams and his wife made pork skins and flavored shaved ice comes for everyone both nights. They sure put a lot of time and money in doing this each year.

“Friday night after church we had the annual children’s washer toss tournament with Ryan Tackett and Nick Blair winning the first-place trophies, Stashia Conley and Jordan Adams winning the second-place trophies, and Jacob Blair and Chey Slone winning the third-place trophies. Everyone had a good time Friday night. The King James Reunion Bible was won by Kenzley Conley.

“Saturday night with no rain in sight and the heat wasn’t that bad, around 225 people came and brought plenty to eat and enjoyed each other’s company. We had the adult washer toss tournament after the reunion supper. Winners were Lee Emmons and Ramie Adams, first-place trophies; Roger Whitaker and Dawn Emmons, second-place trophies; and Billy Conn Adams and Lynn Adams, third-place trophies. The King James Reunion Bible was won by Beverly Adams. We received $330 in donated money this year for three people that needed our help because of sickness. Thanks to everyone that gave and remember to pray for healing for these three people.

“Many things have happened since 1987 when we had the first reunion. Our mother, Helmer Thompson Adams, and Arlie Adams both passed on in the early ’90s and both were big supporters of the reunion. J.R. and Shyrl had their daughter, Sheena, in ’87. My son, Dennis, and wife Lana had our second granddaughter, Kelsey, in ’87 and now she has worked the last two summers with her dad and me for Johns Manville while she attends college starting her second year in Fort Wayne, Ind., in the fall.

“Last year Laramie Adams had a list he compiled with over 100 people that used to attend the reunion that have now passed on. We are all getting old and some are unable to come to the reunion anymore. Billy Conn Adams, Justin Adams, L.C. Adams, and Dick Adams helped get everything ready this year for the reunion.

“Life is so short and precious compared to eternity. I feel it is so special that all of you choose to spend these two days of that precious time each year with each other at the reunion. God bless each one that came and thanks to those that brought food and those who worked to make it possible and may God bless those that couldn’t be there this year as well. We love each and every one of you and hope very much that you can be with us another year being the Lord’s will.

“Sunday, August 12, Judy and I drove to Walkertown,
Ind., to attend the Irwin and Lizzie Campbell reunion. We have been attending
their reunion several years now and enjoy them very much. They are always very
pleased to see Judy and me. Irwin and Lizzie passed on 21 years ago. Their
children are getting elderly now and some of them have passed on. I met an older
gentleman by the name of Roy Whitaker that lives in Zenia, Ohio. I met Roy a
couple of years ago at this reunion; he comes with some of the Campbell family.
Roy told me he went to college with Doug and Jimmie Adams, who are the children
of the late Bill and Janie Adams. I told him I had heard Doug Adams was teaching
school in Whitesburg now. Roy is a retired schoolteacher now and he told me he
has no desire to go back to teaching. Lizzie and my grandmother, Maggie
Thompson, were sisters, daughters of Sam and Susannah Blair.”

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