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Survey now completed for rail, river crossings related to prison water

Surveying is complete for river and rail crossings to extend waterlines to the proposed federal prison at Roxana.

Engineers for the Letcher County Water and Sewer District have submitted a status update to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the water line. Design is ongoing.

Alan Bowman of Bell Engineering said that Bell Engineering intends to schedule a progress meeting on the project with Abandoned Mine Lands after January 1. Bowman gave the updates at the December meeting of the water and sewer district board of directors.

Bowman said that the district has not received verification of the point of tie-in to county water lines for lines supplying the prison, and there is a potential that the project may be broken into two phases for funding purposes. He also told the board that when Bell Engineering meets with AML, it will present the site plan, and added that it would be a good time to discuss other AML projects in the county.

Bowman said hydraulic plans for the prison project will be finished soon and submitted to the Kentucky Division of Water for review and approval although the district has not received verification for the point of tie-in for the wastewater treatment plant at Roxana. It has received notification from the property owner that a preliminary review of the proposed site plan has been done. Bowman suggested the board schedule a visit at a similar plant early next year.

Bowman reported that areas for the Gordon/Kingscreek/ Highway 510 water line connection are still under study and said he hopes to discuss that at the AML meeting in January as well. No action will be taken until the meeting. There has been no response to a request to conduct sampling at the Millstone Sewer Plant on a quarterly basis rather than monthly, but the first year of sampling is nearly complete. A request to modify the time frame has been sent to the Kentucky Division of Water for a reduction in the sampling requirement. The district will complete the fourth quarter monitoring report and submit it to the division.

The district purchased a pressure recorder that will be installed on the water line that runs along Kentucky Highway 15 near the master meter. The recorder will be allowed to run for 30 days before data will be downloaded and analyzed to determine if there is need for anther line.

An AML Nexus application has been submitted to fund a portion of the cost of obtaining an alternate source of supply from the Kentucky River for Letcher County’s water needs. A price quote was obtained from McCoy and McCoy Laboratories for the 12-month sampling analysis that is required by the Kentucky Division of Water. The district will also consider other funding for an alternate source through the Kentucky River Area Development District grant office.

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