Whitesburg KY

Suspect’s bond is $100,000

A man who earlier this year accused a neighbor of kidnapping and beating him has now been arrested on charges that he sodomized a 14-year-old boy.

The Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department on July 11 charged Gregory Gibson, 36, of 1103 HWY 7 N, with 20 counts of firstdegree sodomy.

Letcher Sheriff ’s Department

Sgt. Alisha Congleton said the charges were filed after the boy approached her about it, and she interviewed Gibson and the boy. Social services has also been involved in the case.

“ The investigation showed there had been sexual conducted between the two,” Congleton said.

The charges against Gibson allege that the incidents occurred from August of last year until May of this year, and they occurred both at Gibson’s home and on four-wheeler rides to Elk Creek near Blackey. Gibson is accused of making the boy perform oral sex on him and of teaching him to use foreign objects, including a screwdriver, on himself. He is also accused of threatening to kill the boy’s siblings if he told anyone about the incidents.

Congleton said additional charges are expected after the case goes to a Letcher Grand Jury.

Gibson is currently being held in the Letcher County Jail on a $100,000 cash bond. Congleton said more charges are expected after a grand jury hears the case.

Gibson is the complaining witness in another case in which he obtained a warrant for a neighbor, accusing him of adult kidnapping and assault.

According to an indictment handed up in May, Gibson accused a neighbor, Joshua Reynolds, with tying him up at his house and beating him with his fists and with furniture for hours.

Reynolds allegedly said Gibson was using electronic surveillance on him and his family. Because Gibson obtained the warrant himself, there was no police investigation of the allegations against Reynolds.

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