Whitesburg KY

Swinging bridge being rebuilt


As I write this the weatherman says we will have a winter snowstorm with sleet and freezing rain mixed in, and it will get here on Monday through Wednesday morning. They act like it could be a very wintry time, but hopefully it won’t be too bad.

Rodney and Geraldine Ison had their grandson, Brad of Lexington, visiting with them. He stayed about a week and was also going to see his Cornett kinfolk before heading home.

Geraldine’s brother, Larry Caudill of Indiana, is doing better, but has to stay inside his home until his immune system builds back up from his treatments.

Rodney’s brother, Aaron Ison, goes and checks on Larry and Mary daily. When Larry is well, he goes to check on Aaron and Edith. It’s good they live close to each other and keep an eye on each other.

Belated birthday wishes to Lee Pridemore, whose birthday was Jan. 23. He and Wilma had her mother, Irene Dixon, visiting with them last weekend. We continue to keep their daughter, Traci Madden, in our thoughts and prayers.

Get well wishes to Harve Creech of Cumberland, who recently spent a week or so in the Whitesburg hospital. We hope he’s feeling better after getting home, where his boys can help him out.

We’ve had a family project we’ve been working on when the weather permits. We have been rebuilding the old swinging bridge that spans Rockhouse Creek from the old J. T. and Margarette Smith property over to the Sycamore Loop area. Many local folks used the old bridge when they walked to the Sycamore school years ago, or to go from our side to the Dixon Memorial Church and the cemeteries on the hill.

Neighbors could visit back and forth by way of the old bridge and others came across and could walk to the Big Field Grocery Store and the Jeremiah Post Office. Those on the Sycamore side came across when they were young to catch the school bus at the bus stop below Madison Smith’s home.

We hated to see the old bus stop go when the water line came through a few years ago.

Dad (Don Pridemore) is the brains of the operation, figuring how to cut, brace, and put the bridge together. Keitzi “K.P.” and Keith Pridemore are heavy workers, and Bonita Adams, Mom (Coreen) and myself are just wood packers and helpers.

Homer Smith also plans to help from their side of the bridge.

While telling Lee “Junior” Banks about our undertaking, he said he could remember walking across the bridge to get to school when he was a young boy.

That’s all for this week, have a good week and watch out for that snowstorm.

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