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Sylvania Whitaker, Helen Adams hospitalized

Blair Branch

It’s a cool and dreary Friday. As I sit here typing, I glance out the window and see raindrops dripping from the windowsill and a helicopter lowering onto its landing strip directly outside Mom’s room.

Mom, Sylvania Whitaker, was admitted to UK hospital on Thursday, October 8. Dad brought her to see the transplant doctor early that morning because her creatinine as well as BUN levels continued to go up and her blood pressure was dangerously high. I’m sure they did not enjoy spending their anniversary at the doctor’s office and in the hospital. Missy, her daughter Tonya, Opal, and I made the trip late yesterday afternoon.

I am sorry if this week my column is short and sweet. I am trying to wait patiently for news that Mom has made it through the procedure needed to insert a dialysis shunt. As of now, the doctors are saying she will have a short dialysis treatment this afternoon, an hour longer tomorrow, and a full treatment the following day. The dialysis will need to continue up to three times a week for the rest of her life unless God blesses her with a miracle. Another kidney transplant is a possibility, but only time and lots of tests will tell if she is even eligible to be placed on the transplant list again.

Helen Adams is in ICU at Hazard Hospital. She had surgery on her broken hip, she has pneumonia and is on a ventilator. I sure Helen is doing better real soon. She is a very special lady and I have many fond memories of her from when I was a child.

Juanita Hensley asks for everyone to “please pray for the family of my cousin Loretta Bryant Caudill who passed away on October 9. She was the daughter of the late James Arthur and Melvina ‘Cricket’ Bryant. Her husband was Isaac ‘Ike’ Caudill and she had four children: Ike Reese, Diane, Rhonda, and Jerri.” Juanita’s son Kenneth told me, “Visitation was Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 6 p.m. at Everidge Funeral Home in Whitesburg, Kentucky and the funeral was Sunday, October 11, 2009 at 1 p.m. at Little Colley Church.”

I was sorry to hear that Rudean Hays died. He was the son of the late Clark and Lettie Hays.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the families who have lost loved ones.

I only have two birthdays to share this week. Lisa Jent celebrated her birthday on October 10. Lisa is the daughter of Lester and Vicki Jent of Letcher. Jocelyn Adams Watts also celebrated her birthday. Jocelyn’s birthday is on October 12. Jocelyn is the daughter of Rame and Lynn Adams of Black Bottom. She is the wife of Dennis Watts and the mother of a beautiful baby boy, Dylan.

I would like to say thanks to everyone who reads my friends and family column each week, and to those who have emailed me to share something for the paper, or just to say hello. I appreciate your support.

Here is a report of the Adams, Thompson, Blair reunion held this summer:

“The Adams, Thompson and Blair reunion kicked off July 31 with the traditional vegetable and chili soup which is cooked on top of the hill. There were plenty of other foods brought in to eat.

“The Blair Branch Regular Baptist had church and everyone that attended enjoyed the services very much. It looked like rain all during the church services and had rained on Friday before church.

“Friday night the children’s washer toss tournament was held and Makenzie Conley and Dakota Combs won first place, Tyler Fleming and Bailey Adams won second place, and Staisha Conley and Nicholas Blair won third place. The children love the washer toss tournament very much. There were well over 100 people in attendance Friday night just enjoying each other’s company, playing washers and reminiscing of old times.

“A highlight was Yvonne Adcox and her 85-year-old mother Faye C. Gotcher from Harrison, Ark., who are related to our Adamses, Blairs and Crafts, driving 700 miles from Arkansas to the top of the mountain. They enjoyed the reunion very much and just loved to talk to everyone. They told us they will be back in next year and they hopefully will bring more of the family.

“August 1, there was a large crowd for the reunion supper with food for everyone attending. Everyone brought their favorite foods and shared for the reunion supper and there were lots of good food. Near the end of supper we received a lot of rain for a few minutes. Everyone got under the shelter house and in their vehicles during the rain and I don’t believe anyone left the hill.

“The adult washer tournament was held Friday night with 70 people entering to play. Liz and Randy Adams won first place, Roger Whitaker and Truman won second place, and Ramie Adams and Larry Blair won third place. The reunion bibles were won by Russell Blair on Friday night and Lee Sexton on Saturday night.

“The people at the reunion were very much blessed to have Lee “Boy” Sexton and Jack Adams showed up to play their banjos for the evening. Lee “Boy” is teaching Jack to play the banjo. Lee “Boy” is a well known banjo player in Letcher County as well as the surrounding areas. Jack played at the reunion last year also.

“Jack is the son of Jeff and Beverly Adams of Blair Branch and they have been attending the reunion for many years. Jack’s late grandfather had the name Jack also and he played the banjo also. Everyone enjoyed hearing the two very much and look forward to seeing them at another reunion.

“Billy Conn Adams and his family helped get the park in shape for the reunion this year. Assisting Bill were J.R. Adams, Janet Hill, Woody and Debbie Adams, Roger, Reneva Lois, Jeremy and Nadine Hayes in getting everything cleaned up and painted.”

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