Whitesburg KY

Symolene Anderson back in Ohio

Canton, Ohio

Here I am again, the first of June. Hello to everyone in Mountain Eagle land.

To all of my brothers, sisters, children, relatives and friends in Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina, Florida, West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia and South Carolina, a big hello and I love you all.

I’m back in Ohio at home. I left Florida May 11 and got to my grandson Justin’s in North Carolina on the same day. My daughter, Beverly, Justin’s mom, came to Florida to drive me back north.

We stayed with Justin several days, then on to Virginia where Beverly lives, then I drove from there by myself to Ohio. I’m almost getting rested up.

My sister Shirley and I went to Kentucky for our Carr Creek alumni class reunion over Memorial holidays. It was so much pleasure to see all our classmates and friends of long ago .

May family is getting along better since the last time I wrote to The Eagle. Reba is feeling better and her daughter, Debbie is a lot better. Joe is doing okay, his wife Mary is still pretty sick. Doug is somewhat better. He’s been under the weather since February.

Norma Jean is back in Indiana. She has been having lots of chest pain. She is hoping to get to come to Kentucky for our July gettogether. Hope everyone can make it down there. We get together on July 4.

Christine is back with her daughter Pam. They live in Crawfordville, Fla. Christine is doing better too, but lots of health problems.

Shirley and Reba both came home in March from Florida. They miss all their kids. Shirley did come home because her daughter Tammy had to have surgery. Tammy is doing better.

Me, I’m feeling pretty well. My children were glad to have me home.

I had fun with my greatgrandson in North Carolina. He is 17 months old and so beautiful. Beverly has him spoiled a little bit.

I got a text from my granddaughter, Holli. She lives in South Carolina. Can’t wait to see her when she comes up for the summer.

Kristan is up here. She goes to Akron University. They are daughters of Jimmy, my youngest son.

Bobby and his wife Pam are in Myrtle Beach. I really hope they had beautiful weather in South Carolina.

Beverly and her husband Bryan had a big party for the NASCAR race in Richmond. They entertained her brother Bobby, wife Pam and their daughter Katy and Brad; her brother Jimmy and wife Johna; her cousins Terry Anderson and wife Charlotte; Randal Anderson and wife Darlene; one of Beverly’s best friends, Debbie King and husband Dan; Beverly’s son, Justin and wife Johna and baby Justin. They had a blast. All went to the race. Beverly stayed home and baby-sat little Justin.

They all spent two nights, camped out, had a band on Friday night and did karaoke. She hopes they can get together again next year. Thanks to all who came. She sure was happy and loved their company.

I’m hoping that Faye Swimm’s husband is doing better. He is so sick. God bless her and keep her well, and give her lots of strength for him. She takes such good care of him. Their son helps her, and that’s so good of him.

I want to apologize to Mary Rose Adams. When I wrote last time I didn’t mention her when I was writing about her sister, Iva Lou Franklin, dying. I hope she and her husband Tandy are okay. I love these folks very much.

I’m so sorry about the death of Merrel Adkins. The last time I wrote to The Eagle I had mentioned his brother, Roe Adkins, had just died. That is so sad, three siblings dying within three months. The family has all my family’s sympathy and prayers. God bless all of you.

Hello to my sister-in-law, Nadine and husband Harry Nibert. I talk to her quite often and she and Harry are pretty sick. I hope to get down to see them in July.

Hello to the rest of Nadine’s family, my other sisters in-law and brothersin law.

I hope to get to see my sister-in-law Mary Gibson at Redfox when I go down in July. Sorry, Mary, we didn’t stay too long in Kentucky.

We did go to Hazard Hospital and see Mary’s son, Don. He had a heart cath, and he was okay. No blockage.

Also, another nephew was there, Roger Gibson. He’s having problems with his foot, but they think he’s going to be okay. I really hope so.

Hello to my niece Shelia and husband Paul. I hope they had a wonderful trip to Tennessee on Memorial weekend.

Carolyn Sue, our niece, and husband Jack stayed with us at the campground. The rain and floodwater really did a number on our campground. Thanks for all Jack does for us up there with the water and electric. Joe’s son, Michael, cuts our grass.

What would folks do without family! We do have a wonderful family. Thanks everyone for all your love and prayers.

See you, Mary Fae, at the Breeding reunion if everyone is well and we make it down to Kentucky.

Take care all and God bless everyone. All of us need your prayers.

Until next time.

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