Whitesburg KY

Take pride in Letcher County

A few days ago I visited the little park at Thornton and saw how nice is it, complete with a walking track and plenty of things for the little ones to have fun with.

While I was there, three older guys came and played ball for a good while. They brought several bottles of water and laid them in the grass. As they would take a water break, they would drink some and pour some over their heads as it was pretty hot.

But as they emptied a bottle, they threw it down on the grass even though they were standing beside a trashcan. So we are to think they also behave in like manner at home. When the guys left all they took with them were the bottles of water they had left.

A couple of women and children came as they left, to fix food on a grill. One lady got things ready to grill while the other lady went over the whole park, picking up other people’s trash.

There was no excuse for what these guys did, as if in defiance of social norms. When we manage to get something nice in Letcher County, some ignorant people come along and destroy it as they seem to like to do at Fishpond at Payne Gap.

I haven’t been up there in years, but at one time it was as nice as any place around. We used to go up there and cook out, but after they destroyed it, we haven’t been back.

I hear it is fixed up nice again, but it will eventually be in ruins again by idiots who enjoy vandalism.

Some people complain about things we don’t have here in Letcher County. Why do we need things if the people have no respect for what we do have?

The blame is not the county officials, but the people of Letcher County who take no pride in what is nice for all to enjoy.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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