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1. GEOGRAPHY: The Darling River is the longest river system in which country?

2. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which president founded the University of Virginia?

3. HISTORY: Who was the first popularly elected president of Russia?

4. TELEVISION: On “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” what were the names of the neighbors and best friends of Rob and Laura Petrie?

5. LITERATURE: To which character in “Romeo and Juliet” is Juliet betrothed?

6. MUSIC: Which famous singer was born with the name Reginald Dwight?

7. CHEMISTRY: Which metal alloy is mainly used in pewter?

8. FIRSTS: Who was the first woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court?

9. MOVIES: Which war was featured in the Elvis Presley movie “Love Me Tender”?

10. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What was the common name of the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York before it was called JFK?


1. Australia

2. Thomas Jefferson

3. Boris Yeltsin

4. Jerry and Millie Helper

5. Paris

6. Elton John

7. Tin

8. Sandra Day O’Connor

9. The Civil War

10. Idlewild Airport

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