Whitesburg KY

Takes issue with reader’s comment

To the Editor:

This correspondence is in response to the recent publication in your “Speak Your Piece” column regarding the comment that advocates the shooting down of Kentucky State Police and National Guard aircraft on marijuana eradication missions.

The content of the letter is disturbing and borders on criminal conduct on the part of the writer, not the least of which is terroristic threatening charges under Kentucky Revised Statutes. Hopefully your readers understand that the writer of such a cowardly letter hides behind the safety of anonymity, secretly displaying his disdain for those who are on the front lines of defense each day to protect our communities.

Furthermore, the irresponsible printing of such inflammatory remarks by your newspaper is appalling. The Governor’s Marijuana Strike Task Force is comprised of dozens of dedicated law enforcement agencies and military personnel committed to reducing the number of illegal drugs that reach our children. This nationally acclaimed program continues to ensure safer communities and a better quality of life through various means of drug suppression and reduction. This is evidenced by the fact that as of July 31 of this year, nearly 135,000 marijuana plants have been destroyed with a street value of $277,760,263. More importantly is the fact that 71 perpetrators have been arrested to date with over $750,000 in assets seized. More arrests and seizures are pending as the growing season comes to a close this year.

These figures only represent marijuana eradication and not the myriad of other drugs that are removed from our streets and communities daily by the Kentucky State Police and local law enforcement.

In closing, I believe that the censorship guidelines of your newspaper are somewhat lacking and in need of review. Surely there are more pertinent community issues that deserve coverage rather than advocating such reckless and criminal conduct on the part of your readership. In the meantime, we will continue to protect our communities from the scourge of illegal drugs and uphold the laws that we have taken an oath to enforce.
Kentucky State Police

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