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Taking a breather in the new decade

I think we can agree that 2019 was a long, tough year. We all know why. Is it time to tune out?

Here are some thoughts on how to have a better 2020:

* Turn off the TV now and then, especially those news shows. We’ve been around long enough to have figured out the political stuff years ago. We don’t need to continually have it thrown at us.

* If we do want to watch TV, we can flip to PBS, or maybe the History channel or Discovery. For those of us with Netflix or Amazon Prime, there are plenty of shows, more than we could ever watch. Check out travel videos: wine country in France, narrow-boats on the canals in Britain or the scenery in Iceland.

* Consider loading up on jigsaw puzzles and inviting a few friends over. New puzzles can be expensive, but Goodwill has them for $3. Put on tea or coffee, turn on some quiet music in the background and talk about anything but politics while you put puzzles together.

* Vow to have better nutrition in 2020. It doesn’t have to be a huge overhaul of your diet, maybe just a few small steps. An extra piece of fruit each day, brown rice instead of white … it can all add up to better health.

* Winter won’t last forever. Eventually spring will arrive and thoughts of planting. Begin now to consider what you might grow: a few pots of flowers outside the door, vegetables in a community space. Make plans.

* We need to do something for others for our own peace of mind. Consider signing up for an afternoon each week at the food bank, or walk a small dog at the shelter once the weather warms up.

Just turn off the TV.

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