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Taking green bean salad up a notch ends the boredom

A green bean salad with clementine oranges and feta cheese. This dish is from a recipe by Katie Workman. (Katie Workman via AP)

A green bean salad with clementine oranges and feta cheese. This dish is from a recipe by Katie Workman. (Katie Workman via AP)

Green beans can be — well, I’ll say it, boring.

They are one of the most accessible and affordable vegetables on the market, and one of the easiest to prepare, but too often they bring to mind the word “meh.”

But green beans can lend themselves to so many different kinds of preparations and seasonings that there are lots of reasons to make the effort to take them to another level. They can be roasted, steamed, boiled and sauteed, or served at room temperature in a salad, as in this recipe.

Here they are paired with bright, tangy clementine oranges and salty feta, then lifted up another notch with minced shallots and fresh thyme leaves.

If you don’t have coarse Dijon you can use regular, though I like the extra texture that the coarse variety gives to the dressing.

The beans can be cooked and tossed with the dressing up to two days ahead, which lets them marinate a bit. Add the oranges and feta just before serving.

All in all, a far cry from “meh.”

Green Bean Salad With
Clementine Oranges And Feta
Start to finish: 20 minutes
Servings: 6
1 1/2 pounds green beans
3 clementines
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive
2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar
2 tablespoons minced shallots
1 tablespoon coarse Dijon

1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves
Kosher salt and freshly ground
black pepper to taste
1 cup crumbled feta

Bring a large pot of generously
salted water to a boil. Drop the
beans into the water and let them
cook for 3 minutes until they start
to become tender. Drain the beans
in a colander and run cold water
over them to stop the cooking,
cool them down and preserve the
bright green color.
Peel the clementines and cut
each segment in half crosswise.
Cut the cooled beans in half crosswise. In a small bowl or container,
combine the olive oil, vinegar,
shallots, mustard, thyme, salt
and pepper. Whisk or shake to
Place the beans and orange
segments in a large bowl and
drizzle the dressing over them.
Toss to combine thoroughly. Add
1/2 cup of the feta and toss again
gently to combine, then sprinkle
the rest of the feta on top. Serve
at room temperature or chilled.

Nutrition information per serving: 166 calories; 93 calories from
fat; 10 g fat (4 g saturated; 0 g trans
fats); 22 mg cholesterol; 337 mg sodium; 14 g carbohydrate; 4 g fiber;
8 g sugar; 6 g protein.

Katie Workman has written two
cookbooks focused on easy, familyfriendly cooking, “Dinner Solved!”
and “The Mom 100 Cookbook.” She
blogs at www.themom100.

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