Whitesburg KY

Taking things for granted

wrote before about the topic I write about in this article, and that is taking things for granted. We all do this on a daily basis without even giving it a thought.

We may have had a special place to hunt and then it was obliterated when the coal was taken out without even leaving a trace of it. We may remember all the times we sat concealed under a majestic old beech, oak or hickory tree, just waiting for our next meal to run out on a limb so we could get a shot at it. But it is gone now, too.

Or we may remember where we used to hoe corn as a lad, or where we raised a garden. It has been reclaimed by nature and really doesn’t seem nearly as big as when we had hoed there. At that time those rows seemed to be a quarter mile long.

We may remember a family member or members, or perhaps a good friend, perhaps one who always tried to get you to laugh by playing a prank on you. One day they were gone when you thought they would always be there.

There was one old lady who lived not too far from us and often I could see her standing on the front porch, looking off into the distance at all the things that God had made. One day she didn’t appear. I heard later that she had died. Even though she is gone I still look toward her house every time I pass it as if she will reappear as suddenly as she disappeared.

We may remember the old one-room school we attended and the fun and games we enjoyed there, and over a period of time it too vanished, gobbled up in the realm of progress.

We begin to wonder whatever happened to your fellow students who attended there. Alcohol claimed many of them, but now alcohol and drugs are taking their toll on many of my friends of old. I hate to see this happen to my friends because they are precious and priceless to me.

A friend is like salvation — it can’t be bought, even if someone sits in the ‘amen corner’ every Sunday. All they will get out of the ‘amen corner’ is a sore behind and the knowledge that there is a minister standing there pointing his finger right at them.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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