Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Tales on television of 1978 blizzard

Southern Ohio

Hello spring, please hurry and get here as I will welcome you with open arms, slip on my best bib and tucker and be all yours.

It is so cold I am thinking about just hibernating until next August.

I see posts on my computer and hear things on television of the blizzard that hit this area in 1978. I honestly don’t recall the wind being this fierce, but it could be that I am a little older, plus in 1978 I had a husband and four children to keep me busy and I wasn’t out in the weather that much as I didn’t work when the children were small.

There’s not a day goes by that I don’t think of the homeless people or street people, whatever they are called, staying out in this kind of weather. I barely can stand to be out long enough to do whatever it is that I absolutely have to do.

I teased someone and said that I am like the little boy named Linus on the Charlie Brown cartoon, and when I sit down I wrap in an electric blanket.

I wish I had a thing on my car that I could start it before I get in it. Of course I wouldn’t mind to have one with a heated seat warmer too.

In reality I am thankful I have a dependable car. Even more thankful that I am able to drive. Now if the weather would cooperate I would love to head for the mountains.

My brother Jerry Hall spent a few days at Whitesburg hospital again. He is home now and is improving a little. Mattie said he can walk a little with the help oh his walker.

There’s no way that I could go to Jerry as the weather was so bad that my water lines have frozen three times on me. Thank goodness I have been home.

Oh the joys of owning a house. If I had a lick of sense I would sell it and go into an apartment. I would have less aggravation.

I really don’t think I would ever be satisfied living anyplace else other than where I have spent the last 41 years of my life. When we bought this house in 1973, the first time that I walked in the door to look at it, so help me it felt like the house hugged me. I have never forgot that feeling.

Belated happy birthday to Ethel Wagner, who celebrated on Jan. 24. I hear Ethel really had a great birthday though Les and Pat Wagner couldn’t be there to help this special aunt celebrate.

Ethel, you may be glad as Les might have eaten his piece of cake and yours too.

I am really thankful for Les and Pat sharing their love with me, though Don would be very kind to share his tomatoes if he lived close enough. Right, Les?

Larry Hasty, I am glad to hear you are improving from your hip replacement. Hurry, we have a dance waiting for us.

Happy birthday to Larry and Becky Hasty’s granddaughter Kelly on Feb. 1. Kelly will be eight years old. Kelly is such a beautiful young girl.

Happy birthday to Thelma Brooks who turned 75 years young. Thelma Brooks celebrated with several family members.

Betty and Doyle Ison finally decided to get rid of cabin fever and enjoyed a short ride. I will be glad when I can go sit on their beautiful deck. I really would like to go to sit by the window and enjoy the view of the valley all covered with snow.

This computer is still giving me a fit. If I don’t get it worked on, I am going to quit writing a column for a while. I have enough aggravation, I don’t need anymore.

Christine Fields, I hope your water lines didn’t freeze on you, as I know that feeling too well.

The wind was so wicked here that several branches broke out of the huge maple tree in front of my house, blocking the entrance to the gate. I finally managed to pull them out of the way.

When I first heard the commotion, I thought Santa was returning and landed on my roof as he seemed to forget where I lived at Christmas. Was I surprised to see all the tree limbs that were all over the yard.

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