Whitesburg KY

Talking is part of healing

Cowan Creek

Happy birthday to Briley, daughter of Caressa Napier Brooks of Cowan Creek. Also to her cousin Justin Caudill, who is a son of Juanita and Curtis Caudill of Asheboro, N.C.

Everyone seems to be enjoying the new stores in Pikeville. Hobby Lobby, Marshall’s and I do believe more are planning on building there. Yay, let’s keep our money in Kentucky instead of Tennessee and Virginia. How about that? Sounds, good to me.

The disappearing of coal is killing our local business owners here in Whitesburg. I just don’t know what people are going to do. I guess just pray for our hometown.

You know news is not always happy, most of the time it’s sad. I have so many friends who have lost a child and I know the holidays are going to be hard for them.

If you have a loved one or friend, do something special for them, even if it is just lending an ear. We need to keep the memories going. Talking is a part of healing. Prayers for all.

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