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Tax bills can now be paid online here

A web site created to let Letcher County residents pay their property tax bills online is finally up and running.

The Letcher County Sheriff ’s office announced the new web site at the end of October, but it wasn’t usable until this week. It is the first time residents will be able to be pay their bills without mailing in a check, or visiting the Sheriff’s office in person.

The site was designed by Software Management LLC, of Louisville, the same company that printed tax bills. Those bills are also different this year. The bills are printed on post cards instead of stuffed into envelopes.

In the past, residents would receive a yellow bill inside an envelope, and they could pay either by mail or in person. But a tight budget forced the department to try something new, Lt. LaShawna Frazier said. Postage is less for a postcard than for a letter, and there are other savings as well.

In order to pay online, taxpayers will visit the sheriff ’s department web site at www.letchercountysheriff.com, and will have the option to either view or pay their bill. They will be able to pull the bill up by searching for their name or their bill number, and then pay with a credit or debit card.

Until Dec. 31, residents will pay the face value of their tax bill. A 3 percent penalty will be added during the month of January, and a 10 percent penalty plus a 10 percent add-on from Feb. 1 to April 16.

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