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Tax rate lowest furnished by state

To the Editor:

The library board is conscious of the tax burden imposed upon the citizens of Letcher County. The board is made up of five members, each a citizen from the county who serves on this board without any pay or benefits. The members of the library board also are taxpayers, and take their responsibility for the use of public funding very seriously.

The rate selected by the board is the lowest rate which was furnished by the state for the district. While the library board is free to take other rates, the rate furnished to the library is computed using the formula provided by DLG, the Kentucky Division for Local Government, for this purpose, and is used by almost all taxing districts across the state.

The law governing funding for special districts (KRS 132.010) mandates that the revenue from one year cannot fall below the revenue from the previous year. With the precipitous drop in the Tangible Personal Property valuations from the PVA’s office, amount to minus $9,987,495, the rate for the library had to increase. Further, a decrease in local effort could also render the library ineligible for state aid, which could have cost the district $27,710 in state funds last year.

Consider these statistics:

• Last year the library was open 11,362 hours,

• served 55,311 people,

• 70,981 items were circulated,

• computer users: 21,000,

• 612 children and adult programs,

• 80 groups have used the library for meetings,

• the bookmobile was on the road 1,664 hours and circulated 15,176 items to the public.

The cost of maintaining these services has risen, but the library board members are committed to maintaining the high level of service that the people of Letcher County have come to expect, and which they deserve, while continuing to be efficient stewards of the trust which the public has placed upon us.

The library board meets every third Monday of the month at 11:30 a.m. The public is always invited to attend our meetings and become a more active part of the library community.
President of the Library Board

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