Whitesburg KY

Taxing us into starvation

I recently got my telephone bill, and there are a dozen taxes on it that I don’t understand. School tax, library tax, fire department tax, federal excise tax, everything but luxury tax, and that will probably be on the next one.

Taxes are on my electric bill, hunting and fishing license, my truck, my house insurance, vehicle license, driver’s license and dog license.

The city tried to tax my income as a deaf interpreter for the hospital, and I had to prove to them that I do not live within the city limits.

I wanted to add on to my house and they wanted to tax the building permit, so I didn’t get one and added on anyway.

I don’t smoke, so I don’t have to pay the many taxes on cigarettes.

The taxes on gasoline are so high that we’re going to have to go back to horses, goat carts, bicycles and scooters.

I have to pay property tax, state income tax and federal income tax. When I had a small camper van, I had to pay extra taxes on it, the recreational vehicle tax.

There are new libraries going up all over the state. They finally decided to use some of the library taxes that are on every utility bill we get every month. I don’t have any children in school, but I still have to pay school tax.

Over half of my telephone bill is taxes. You even have to pay taxes to get a marriage license. About 100 years ago we didn’t have all of these taxes, and the U. S. was out of debt.

What went wrong?

Senators and Representatives vote themselves a raise every term. The last one they voted for gave them full pay for the rest of their lives, and guess who has to pay for it?

Aid money is sent to nearly every country on the globe, even those who have sworn to kill us all.

An illegal alien has free medicine, school, food and one Senator wanted to give them all a cell phone with 100 minutes free every month.

Who’s paying for all of this? You and I.

Grants are being given to colleges to study oddball things, so I’m going to try to get one for $50,000 to study for one year — tax free — the love life of the June Bug.

The time is coming when once a month when we get our retirement and Social Security checks we are to just sign them over to the government and they will in turn give us food stamps, a medical card, free training for jobs, free schools for our kids, and we’ll live in communes and raise vegetables and meat to give away to someone else.

Fall cleaning time is coming. Get out and vote. It’s really time for a change.

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