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Taylors celebrate anniversary

Can you believe it is September already? I have been enjoying the cool evenings and cool mornings. It feels good to wake up being nice and cool in the house. Fall is almost here.

I have some late August birthdays that I didn’t have. Daisy Banks Boggs, married to Terry Boggs and has a son, Scott, and I think two grandchildren; Keith Boggs, married to Cathy Lewis Boggs, they have three children, Hannah, Jessica and Keifer; Dustin Gilley, the son of Diana Boggs Gilley and Marian Gail Gilley, and has a daughter; Chris Boggs, but I can’t remember who his parents are; Ella King’s birthday was Aug. 5, the daughter of Pat and Bill King.

I hope all of you enjoyed your day, and I wish all of you a late happy birthday.

September birthdays: Archie Fields will be 65 Sept. 12; Eddie Wolfe will be 54 Sept. 15; Marvin Taylor Jr. on Sept. 19, I made a mistake last week and had it down for Sept. 3; Allysa Nicely will be 4 on Sept. 17, and lives in Texas. She is the granddaughter of Wayne and Tammy Turner of Ingram’s Creek.

Willis King’s birthday is on Sept. 18, a son of Bill and Pat King; Ashley Fields Simmons will be 18 on Sept. 30 (our granddaughter).

We wish all of them a very happy birthday and many more to come.

A happy wedding anniversary to Pam and Marvin Taylor Jr., Sept. 1.

Prayer requests for this week are: Irene and Eugene Day, low blood pressure; Emma Day Adams, nerves; Glen Ratliff, breathing problems; Astor Fields Jr., surgery; Anna Lou Maggard Combs, bad health; Brack Sexton, arthritis and back problems; Mary Ann Maggard, bad health; Charles Hammonds, broken and crushed bones in right hand, torn ligaments in left arm; Audrey Hammonds, nerve damage in legs; Bill Maggard, breathing problems; Agnes Maggard, health problems; Christine Fields, nerves and depression; James Fields, nerves.

I pray for all of you, and hope that you are doing better by the time this is written.

I heard that one of Becky Collins’s daughters got married to a boy on Little Cowan. We wish them lots of happiness and congratulations.

My son Chad and daughter Amber were in over the weekend. Saturday, I baked a ham, and had cornbread, rolls, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and shucky beans.

Kathy and Eddie, Mike, Melinda, Ashley, Chad, Amber and myself and James ate. My brother Archie was here for awhile, and took a bowl of beans home for supper. We forgot to fix dessert, but we all had a good time.

Mike had a good birthday Aug. 26, and received a few gifts. Brack and Linda Sexton took him to Pine Mountain Grill for breakfast Sunday. Also, Melinda Sexton went. I hope they all had a good time.

My daughter-in-law’s parents have been wanting to come to Kentucky to visit. I told her to bring them on down some weekend. I told her it is prettier here in the spring and fall.

They would really like the mountains. They love the outdoors and love to camp and ride motorcycles, etc. They would fit right in. They are not all ‘citified’ like me. Ha!

Sunday morning Chad and Amber took us out for breakfast at the Pine Mountain Grill. We enjoyed the time we spent with them and Ashley. They left Monday to go back home, as they both have to work on Wednesday.

Well, I hope everyone has a good week. Attend the church of your choice, and may God bless.

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