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Taylors mark 21st wedding anniversary

Big Cowan

A late happy anniversary to Arlene and Marvin Taylor. They were married 21 years Nov. 3. They have a son, Chris, together. Arlene’s sister, Gwen, got remarried that day, so now they will share the same anniversary. Congratulations to Gwen and her new husband.

Paige Brown will be 6 years old on Nov. 11. She is the daughter of Heather Day Griffey and Chad Brown. Have a good one, sweetie.

I will be having a birthday on Nov. 20, and my nephew Wayne and his wife Missy have a wedding anniversary on Nov. 20 as well. Congratulations to them. I hope Missy likes her new job at the VA Hospital in Hazard.

Mary Lou Turner is still in Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington. She is doing much better but isn’t able to walk yet. Keep her in your prayers.

Bill Maggard in Columbus has kidney stones and is in a lot of pain. Pray for him and Agnes.

Audrey Maggard Hammonds got a good report from the doctor recently.

Tammy Turner had a birthday on Nov. 8. I hope you had a good one!

The leaves are all falling and we’ve had a lot of frost, but it is still beautiful here in the mountains.

Mike is having a good time in Indiana. He calls two or three times a week. He called recently and said he needs more money.

There will be a benefit singing with several gospel groups at the Cowan Community Center on Nov. 14 for the Christmas Toy Train they have every year. I hope they have a good turnout.

Pray for Jenny Day. She has the swine flu and will be off work from the hospital for awhile.

Hello to all of my readers in Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky. I’m glad you enjoy my column.

To Isom, my uncle over in Tennessee: I heard that when you were a kid and the doctor came to the schools to give shots, that you would get scared and run all the way home. Is this true? Ha, ha! You know your niece loves you or she wouldn’t pick at you.

Well, have a good week, and put God first in everything.

Pray for all of our service men and women, and our country.

Until next time, may God bless you and yours.

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