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Teach your children

Clearly, a national survey by an ethics institute of almost 30,000 public and private high school students that shows an astonishingly high level of lying and cheating demands action.

Starting with the adult generation acting as their role model.

No, we’re not excusing the students. When a survey finds 30 percent admit to stealing from a store, and 64 percent to cheating on a test, they have a problem with ethics.

But we wonder: How many of them come from homes with strong ethical standards?

Because they learn from us.

That includes everyone from a president who thinks it’s OK to flaunt his marriage vows in the White House, to local county commissioners who could find nothing wrong with questionable actions by a county administrator because they didn’t violate paper-thin “ethics” rules, to parents who boast about cheating on their taxes because “everyone does it.” …

There’s a wise admonition in the Bible: Before worrying about the splinter in your neighbor’s eye, do something about the plank in your own.

So yes, parents have a responsibility to imbue their children with a strong ethical foundation.

But that starts with walking the walk.

— Pensacola News Journal, Pensacola, Florida

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