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Teacher chooses Beshear

To the Editor:

If you have been on social media lately, then you know we have an election on November 5 to determine the governor and other constitutional officers for Kentucky. There is much at stake and Kentuckians will have difficult choices to make. But in our great country, we are able to vote and have a peaceful transition of power without fear of death or imprisonment.

Politics is the art of determining who gets what. This struggle of average citizens against a faceless government is what defines our society today. That is what is at stake on November 5, 2019.

As a state employee, it’s easy for me to ask you to vote for Andy Beshear for Governor. Unlike Matt Bevin, Andy has fought for citizens most of his life. As a brilliant Attorney General who continues to beat Matt Bevin’s illegal bills in court, Andy has worked to eliminate the opioid epidemic, fought for senior citizens, and worked to ensure that Kentucky state pensions are fully funded.

Andy has been kind to Kentuckians and has never said a disparaging word about us. On the other hand, the Bible tells us that you can tell a tree by the fruit it bears. The words that come from Matt Bevin’s mouth tell us that he is a rotted tree, incapable of honesty and relating to Kentuckians.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Robert Goforth, a Republican from Laurel County, ran against Matt Bevin in the spring for the Republican Party nomination and won most of the counties in eastern Kentucky in the primary election, including Letcher County. Goforth barely lost to a heavily financed incumbent, Matt Bevin on May 21. This is a clear sign that eastern Kentuckians just don’t like Matt Bevin.

Matt Bevin knows it and this is why Bevin held back giving us our money for road repairs and magically, just a couple weeks ago, found money for these same road projects. This tired old tactic is nothing different than the old days when politicians would offer to gravel your road days before the election. Kentuckians were smart then and are smart now.

On November 5, I sincerely ask you to vote for decency and honesty by casting your vote for Andy Beshear. If you are a Republican or Independent and can’t bring yourself to vote for Andy Beshear, I urge to vote for Libertarian John Hicks. John is a Vietnam War veteran, retired teacher, and computer/IT specialist who is also a good and honest person.

Thank you and please remember to bring a form of identification with you to the polls on November 5.


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